Zhejiang Longquan 80 celadon artist Wang Wu Meditation for the ancient porcelain craftsman heart cut jodie foster

Zhejiang Longquan 80 celadon artist Wang Wu: Ancient craftsman carved porcelain heart meditation. – Beijing new network in Lishui in September 17, (Li Tingting Chen Jie) "cloud After rain the sky looks blue. sour plum flow, when the pan green, texture and shiny, moist jade Zhejiang Longquan celadon, born in the five generation, integrate in the Song Dynasty. This wipe out the mountains southwest of Zhejiang Daizhu" in the blue sky, through the bustling bright, have fallen down, behind it, is the Longquan celadon craftsmen from generation to generation of perseverance, they will be the old from the fire and the earth quenched from the skill of generations. Born in Longquan celadon family after 80 Wang Wu, the art to his father and uncle, with traditional cultural elements to work at the same time, it also deeply branded on the era of color. With his love of celadon and meticulous research, Wang Wu is now in the Longquan celadon circles work out their own piece of heaven and earth. Born in a family with celadon puzzled love Chinese ceramic history, half in Zhejiang; a history of Zhejiang ceramics, half in Longquan. Celadon in Longquan, is thousands of years to give up for the fate, grew up in the kiln on the back of Wang Wu, is a young monasteries seed, is Grandpa before the words "celadon techniques can not throw" exhortations. "1957 Longquan celadon production development of modern restoration, my grandfather Ye Changshui is one of the technical backbone of the." In addition, Wang Wu’s parents are former state-owned two factory workers in Longquan porcelain, celadon art work for 30 years. "Can be said to be small and with celadon." However, this began in childhood celadon complex is also once because the real reason was buried in a corner of the heart. "Parents off, will not continue to engage in Celadon production industry." After leaving school, Wang Wu entered the society has experienced two years of career, hone. Finally, along the way, Wang Wu was returned to his hometown, the first place and soon celadon and their youth, unreservedly dedicated to the Longquan celadon. How hard is the way to start a business? Wang Wu joked: "if tomorrow kiln, then today home gas burning money is not available!" In addition to economic pressure, the spirit of the burden is also heavy pressure in the heart of Wang wu. The first six months, a total of 7 Wang Wu burning kiln, all appear blank uneven thickness, jump glaze, bubble more problems. "At that time I was almost isolated, immersed in the work, it can be said that almost all the experiments ended in failure." Bite a tooth broken heart all defective, Wang Wujing continued to invest eighth of the kiln creation, and this time, hard work pays off. This is a very difficult way to go, but the family together, and a lot of friends around me, my elders also gave me a lot of encouragement. In the face of some technical difficulties, the older generations have no reservations to give guidance." Today, Wang Wu began operating a personal celadon studio, can continue to deal with his beloved celadon, Wang Wu found life full and satisfied. Inheritance of a vast stage of reform and innovation of celadon porcelain critic once commented: "through the works of Wang Wu, imitation)相关的主题文章: