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Yunnan: the first half of the festival with " four " wind; 362 clues – Politics – in Beijing in September 30, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, recently, the Yunnan provincial Party committee issued "to carry out the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight correct" four winds "" look back "implementation plan", detailed steps and key work, to prevent the rebound resurgence unwholesome tendencies. The party’s eighteen since the implementation of the Yunnan provincial comprehensive strict responsibility, to promote the style of the building to develop in depth, under the above rate, adhere to the discipline is in front, focusing on the construction of Yunnan delicate gas is the political ecology and the general business environment in politics. To focus the work, the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight line. The discipline inspection organs at all levels at the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival and other important time node to carry out a thorough investigation, found the problem seriously, informed exposure to typical problems. During the first half of this year, the province’s discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to check the unit 19968, found clues to the problem of the 362, deal with the problem clues of the 362. Pay close attention to the new situation and new trend of unwholesome tendencies, innovative methods of supervision, broaden the channels of supervision, focus on remediation, junk money and Gongjusiyong, by the weddings money problems. From January 2016 to August, the province’s discipline inspection organs were investigated in violation of the provisions of the central eight 252 from mental problems, deal with Party members and cadres of 321 people, 253 people party and government discipline. The problem of 10 illegal public funds, public funds tourism problems since 13, illegal use of official vehicles equipped with 43, Loutangguansuo violations since 2, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies and welfare issues since 67, illegal to send and receive gifts 68, Daban weddings issue 33, other issues 16. To carry out special rectification, the key control of leading cadres". In the province’s departments at all levels to carry out non leading cadres to intervene illegal construction, leading cadres strictly prohibited to intervene illegal land expropriation, leading cadres strictly prohibited to intervene illegal exploitation of mineral resources, leading cadres strictly prohibited illegal use of poverty relief and social security funds, non leading cadres received red, non violation of the discipline of the party organization and personnel of the "six no special work. The main responsibility of the unit at the provincial level collaborative Department has established 120 inspection teams to 16 states (city) and some provincial departments of the "six prohibitions" special rectification comprehensive inspection, the whole process of supervision. For the special rectification work reflected the lack of system, poor implementation, weak supervision and other issues, establish and improve relevant systems and regulations 349, find the problem 920, given party discipline 561 people, organizations dealing with 359 people. Continue to force, to prevent the rebound resurgence unwholesome tendencies. Since 2016, the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection formulated the "Yunnan provincial civil servants to participate in various activities to review regulations (Trial)", the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Department of Finance and other departments, has formulated the "Implementation Opinions on strengthening and improving the education of scientific research personnel temporarily abroad because of the public management (Trial)" "on the adjustment of some delegations abroad because of the public funds management notice" series of regulations, Hensha)相关的主题文章: