[Yunnan] cloud depth, the pursuit of China’s last primitive tribe – Sohu travel ca1810

[Yunnan] cloud depth, search Chinese last tribal tourism – Sohu "Weng Ding" two words, in the wa language is "clouds winding place". Weng Dingcun, village is located in the border town in the fall, hidden in the clouds deep place like this, let every people pursue it in Bashan and, after a long run, by the ancient village to accommodate, and use it for simple hand, wind dust wash a traveler the road. More than and 200 years, in the course of history, but just for a moment, while the mayfly float in between heaven and earth to us, it is too long to be illusory touch. So, when Weng Dingcun silently stood here, two hundred years have not changed what appearance, it will have been given by the mystery of the years, which makes the desire to touch the unknown touch the past I followed it. This is the National Geographic magazine called "China last tribe", still retains its original appearance, the foundation stone for the time of grinding has no corners, sharp claws are wind and rain erosion, to disappear in people’s life day in and day out Weng ding. When they chat after dinner, when running barefoot children in stone road, in women with loom when weaving cloth, when everyone around the village pile muguwu for jumping the blessing of the gods, these stones from the initial sharp become moist and reliable, with a solid arm support Weng Dingcun two hundred years survival. If you want to know the story of the village, you must visit the elderly here, while they sat on the doorsill smoking secretly standing in a chat, difficult for outsiders to know the story of those who attend, and when the original language of the outflow from the Wa people in their mouth when the surprise will become bigger, this strange the language as the old code, can open the door to the doors of time, hiding behind the door. The history of pouring out of reality will engulf people, like the moon and the eternity like the standing height, overlooking the busy world. This is a village of nature. It is a nation of gods. Countless trees around the village quietly guarding here for generations of people, they worship Buffalo, believe in the gods, with tau do sacrifice, worship the heaven, God ghost festival. All over the world in science and technology in the footsteps of the times, they still stick to their own beliefs, maintain a human for a thousand years of lost days and unknown fear, everyone in this arrogant world, believe in this Rendingshengtian society, there is still a small tribe for their poor humble head. They have faith and sincere blessing, their constant warmth, although the day starting repeat, but still a self together, silent and peaceful. Confucius will become Xunleifenglie, Yan Hui also sat humbly listen to God is like a horse on fire, anger. We no longer fear and complacent)相关的主题文章: