Xingtai, a thief for the crime in 30 police Dunshou (Figure) captured monthly number of new network mp7a1

Xingtai, a thief for the crime in 30 police Dunshou (Figure) – the end of the month the number of captured Beijing suspects Xiamou identified in the tools of crime. Police photo Beijing, Xingtai, September 18 (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui Hu Yusheng) in Hebei Province, Xingtai County Public Security Bureau said on 18, Xingtai City Public Security Bureau police detachment after several months of squatting, successfully cracked a series of thefts of alcohol and tobacco sales case, cut off a stolen pin and crime chain, arrested 3 suspects, 30 case play. Since May this year, Xingtai city street alcohol outlets are stolen frequently, causing businesses uneasy. Xingtai special police detachment was informed that the rapid involvement in the investigation. After the police access to surveillance video found that crime suspects are a crime, wearing masks concealed, destroyed first store network alarm and monitoring system to the store before the crime, theft by damage after entering the windows and doors, after walking away from the crime. Every time the crime suspects at the scene for a long stay, stealing cash and take it leisurely and unoppressively of high-grade tobacco, the police judge from the modus operandi, the theft case of alcohol outlets should be of the same name is suspect, the suspect is a skillful, veteran". Do the same way in case of theft, the police in handling cases of alcohol outlets along the street series of cases and case investigation. After months of investigation, the police found the suspect on several occasions in Xingtai city in North St., Tianjie near the car, so the judgment in the two regions may suspect the end result. The police mobilized police dragnet investigation of the two areas. At the same time to mobilize a large number of police were divided into 10 groups, day and night dunshou. The evening of September 9th, finally found the suspect in Tianjie Dunshou police, the police quickly will be seeking out the suspects Xiamou fell swoop. Suspects arrested by the police. Police photo after the interrogation, the suspects Xiamou (male, 29 years old, Qinhuangdao Lulong county) confessed that in February of this year came to Xingtai, after a long Caidian, carefully prepared, from May onwards has 30 urban street alcohol outlets were continuous theft, stolen and sold to Wang Mouhu, Wang Mouzhou smoke wine. Immediately, the police union Xingtai Qiaodong Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade police, the two suspected received stolen suspects Wang Mouhu, Wang Mouzhou arrested. After verification, Xiamou theft of alcohol and other property value of 18 yuan. At present, the case has been handed over to the east of the Public Security Bureau, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: