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Xiling first racquet: painting legend "Joe the couple" paintings and calligraphy — calligraphy and painting — people.com.cn online Xiling first launched a number of special commemorative racquet: more than the white villa and collections of paintings and calligraphy, Liu Haisu and his wife Xia Yiqiao, the calligraphy and paintings and calligraphy, painting and his paintings on paper and other special emphasis on heritage, a good. Witness the more than and 50 pieces of calligraphy and painting art development over the China white villa and collections of paintings and calligraphy more than the white villa and collections of paintings and calligraphy gathered more than white villa living collections, including Fei Xinwo, Xiao Xian, Xie Zhiliu, Zhou Changgu, Fang Jizhong, Yingyeping, loose money? And ye Qianyu people of calligraphy and painting. Which part is more than the white villa, such as Liu Danzhai’s "singeries", is a picture of Liu Danzhai in the 1980 year approaching to more than the white villa, villa is the title "white comrade". As Shanghai painting and calligraphy editing, these paintings and letters, not only reflects more than white villa busy life, more pieced together a microcosm of the seven century, in 80s the old artists creation and life. The phase portrait commemorating the centenary of Ding Cong’s birth? "This interesting collection" original cartoons special coincides with the centenary of Ding Cong’s birth, Xiling racquet launched special auction of 50, "this is fun" in the original cartoons, this group of manuscripts is Ding Cong made in 1979 to restore freedom, including daily life, relationship between husband and wife, family and neighbors business communication, etc.. In 1985, Ding Cong was 69 years old, because of the publication of "Gu Ji Ji", he was so popular that he contributed to the birth of his sister, "the collection of interest". Ding Cong rough half life brilliant, rich life experience has increased his feelings of the past suffering people, works can be seen in the depth of art, the form of interesting, thought-provoking. The painting circles of husband and wife: Liu Haisu, a legendary sea Joe Xia Yiqiao couples the calligraphy and paintings and calligraphy auction of 38, are the works of calligraphy and painting, the starting price ranging from 1000-3000 yuan. The "crane" script for the 1985 Weizhu Shay Joe Liu Haisu ninety birthday for legend Zhang Shizhao once Joe "this painting is Shay ico". Liu Haisu and Xia Yi hand in hand for half a century, co operating art, "painting and calligraphy," and "master Liu Haisu," the dual identity of the summer is his own unique style. It is reported that the racquet on October 9th -10 kaichui. Collectors can log in Xiling auction online auction platform — the only art is (), or network download "art is" mobile phone client auction. (Lu Jing, Dong Zilong: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: