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Xiamen female white-collar workers were forced to "police officers" Jiudiankaifang transfer 5 million 600 thousand female white-collar workers in Xiamen to do financial work, suddenly received a call, "officer" said female white-collar health insurance card stolen brush, and forced her to go to the hotel room transfer 5 million 600 thousand. Female white-collar workers actually went!!! Today the Xiamen anti fraud Center released two typical cases of fraud cases: dangerous arena pro! Must be optimistic about beware of ah! 1 female white-collar workers to be transferred to the hotel 5 million 600 thousand, critical juncture she.. Speaking of things from the previous month, October 16th morning 10 am, received at the beginning of the +8818 work in the company of Wu of telephone fraud, each claiming to be the Sichuan Province Social Security Center, said Ms. Wu’s fraudulent medical insurance card gold 16 thousand and 900 yuan in Sichuan, and for Ms. Wu Sichuan Public Security Bureau Jinjiang transit survey. Subsequently, Lin police said Wu suspected fraud must be immediately investigated. During the conversation, the suspect in that Wu Department of corporate finance, and the carrying amount of the company yesterday happened to have a $5 million 600 thousand payment account, the suspect lured Ms. Wu to the funds go to the security account together with personal money ". In the "police" who turns intimidation, Ms Wu took his bank card and company business account of the U shield, to a nearby hotel to open the room, ready to suspect according to requirements, the money transferred to the "security accounts", "prove innocence". Later, Ms. Wu recalled, as she will U shield into the computer ready to transfer to the designated account of the suspect money, then raising his hand, to the "110" telephone! It is this phone, to avoid the loss of their own Wu and the company’s huge property. What? What ghost! Here you see some fantastic, why suddenly received 110? On the same day, the original artifact "fire" system the new line of Xiamen anti fraud centre, Xiamen mobile phone users are detected a suspected fraud telephone answering outside the virtual center just plugging personnel can timely dissuade Ms. Wu, not to cheat money. And fortunately Wu So that is what it is. like this uncle next, but also because of "fire" was spared the cheat! The 2 man was "express" flicker, one person alone to go to the bank transfer in October 27th, the public Li Abo listen to a 0085 at the beginning of the phone, the person claiming to be the courier company staff, said Li Abo a parcel involved. Li Li listen to their own involved very tense. Then the other side to help Li Lan transferred to the Shanghai municipal public security bureau". A man claiming to be the "Shanghai Minhang District police" said Li Abo relates to "big money laundering case, let Uncle Lee to take all the money to the nearest bank" proof of assets". Uncle lee panicked, took home all the bank card out of the door. At this time, the "fire" system has detected the abnormal traffic. Verify the city anti fraud center staff immediately dialed Li Abo phone, but Li oboth denied. The staff continue to send text messages to remind fangpian arbor, but Abreu was off, his wife Liu Apo was not contact him, quickly dialed 110.相关的主题文章: