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Women take care of their own mouth, do not say these words! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: teach you learn scheming women manage their mouth is inclusive 1, don’t judge people, because they do not influence you to dinner. Think about 2, don’t judge other people’s virtue, because you will not be more noble than him. 3, don’t judge others humble family, because it has nothing to do with you. Knowledge 4, do not judge others’ knowledge, because the world is not the lack of knowledge. Kind 5, don’t judge anyone, even if you look down on the people. Plan 6, don’t spend your money, because tomorrow you may lose your job. Modest 7, do not be puffed up, because tomorrow you might remember. Low profile 8, do not make too much publicity, to understand that no one will be weaker than you. In short, to be low-key. Independent 9, do not rely on others, because life is heavy, who want to live easily. Kind 10, don’t hurt others, cause and effect will come sooner or later. 11, do not explain, is a wise choice. When we are alive, we often have the idea of trying to explain something. However, once explained, but found that any explanation is so feeble, even with the darker. Hill did not explain their height, it does not affect the towering clouds; the sea do not explain their depth, it does not affect the capacity of rivers; to explain their thickness, but no one can replace her as the bearer of the status of all things…. Don’t underestimate anyone, you don’t have so many people, don’t be so tired. Easy 12, don’t lose your temper, no one owes you. Now is very painful, so look will find that in fact it is not. We often complain that life is unfair to us, but in fact we don’t know who we are… 13, do not discuss who with the practice of good and bad, in personal practice, others is your mirror, reflecting their shortcomings, their practice in the insufficiency. Happy to give you a few words: life just a few decades, happy is also a day, sad is also a day, why not let the colorful life, to be a happy!! (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: