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Debt collectors and the Federal Reserve I am going to tell you right now: If you are in trouble with debt and debt collectors, or foreclosure read the following first, then but only then call us or visit the website and talk to us. If you dont want to find out what got us this problem, then dont call. The Federal Reserve Banking System is a direct threat to the very existence of our Constitutional Republic. The debt collectors are their front line resource. A speech is found in the Annals of Congress, vol.1, Feb. 1790:1141-1142, given by Georgia Congressman James Jackson on February 9, 1790. In that amazingly astute speech, Congressman Jackson predicted the dire economic consequences that would befall the United States if a small group of dominant men were ever allowed to create and control the money supply. Congressman Jackson supported Thomas Jefferson and opposed to the First Bank of the United States. He wrote, "The funding of the debt will occasion enormous taxes for the payment of interest. These taxes will bear heavily, both on agriculture and .merce. It will be charging the active and industrious citizen… to pay the indolent and idle creator. In the proportion that it benefits the one, it will depress the other. I contend that a funding system in this country will be highly dangerous to the welfare of the republic." "It will establish a precedent in America that may be pursued until it brings upon us… ruin which it has never failed to bring Let us take warning by the errors of Europe, and guard against the introduction of a system followed by calamities so general. (Annals of Congress, Vol.1, Feb. 1790:1141-1142) Debt Collectors: Key to the System In 1935, former Senator Robert L. Owens wrote about his involvement in support of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and its System of debt collectors and manipulation: "I had inserted a provision requiring that the powers of the Reserve System be employed in the service of .merce and to promote a stable price level. This mandatory provision was stricken out in the House." "Under the administrations of Wilson, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover, this Act was diverted from its proper purpose and the advice of some who controlled the policies of a number of the largest banks. Under President Hoover, the contraction of credit took place on a colossal scale. The consequence was universal bankruptcy." (Great Depression) In my opinion, America faces a crisis which may result in the loss of our Representative Constitutional Government, unless every man and woman, rich or poor, doctor, merchant, laborer, educator, clergyman, society leader, (judges, and elected officials) bestir himself or herself toward the problem of bringing the fundamental truths of monetary science to every fireside." In an open letter, Senator Owen urged, "When these truths are known and the American people demand their constitutional right of an honest money system, this country will enter upon an era of material prosperity; of opportunity, spiritual and cultural advancement that will not only delight its own people but will be.e a model for the rest of the human race." Debt Collectors Arent the Problem The Federal Reserve is the Corruption Unfortunately, Senator Owen had unwittingly supported the Federal Reserve Act. But later, Senator Owen, in his papers, stated that the Federal Reserve Banking System would eventually destroy the American system of government because of hidden defects built into the banking system –defects which he could not expose once he realized that he had been deceived. The power of a Senator was not so powerful as the threats, the system of financial rewards and other manipulations, outright bribery, blackmail, etc. that were being leveraged against, the other members of Congress. This absence of opposition was due to the intentional withholding –by the media, politicians, bankers, the American Bar Association, and the Judicial System– of vitally needed educational materials which could have induced exposure. Most regrettably, however, the immense power and influence of the owners of the money system prevailed over all discovery and challenges. Debt Collectors and the Federal Reserve The American System of Government is in decline. Debt collectors plunder our people as stewards of the banks. People in every walk of life are afraid, and in turning their heads, by default, protect the fraudulent banking system. President Thomas Jefferson stated: Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Debt collectors are such an internal army for the banks, invasive of home after home. There is a simple solution. Congressman Jerry Voorhis had the answer as stated in the Congressional Record: Banks should lend money not create it. The Government should create money, but not lend it. These changes would (1) stimulate legitimate, honest business, (2) place a real premium on honest labor, (3) protect the weak against the strong, (4) cut the shackles of economic bondage and (5) save the people from total debt bondage. The great part of it all is that our change is constitutional. If the Federal Reserve Banking System is not abolished and ruled unconstitutional, then the current system gives the bankers (and their debt collectors) absolute control over all production, transportation, industry, trade and .merce. It be.es our master, not our servant; a country stolen from us. 相关的主题文章: