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Internet-and-Business-Online Many of our clients ask us: "What are the top social networking sites?" Many people expect a straight answer, but there isn’t one. Yes, certainly you’ll find the massive social networking sites such as Facebook, which has more than 750 million active users, with fifty% of active users logging on to Facebook any given day and Facebook users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Then there’s Twitter, which has over 106 million accounts and growing by an additional 300,00 users per day, in spite of whispers that it was certain to be short-lived. But in the long run, there are actually many top social networking sites, which are considered the most widely used in their niche. So, these are the questions you should really ask: What demographic does your target market have? Are you looking at top social networking sites for guys, gals or kids? Young adults, Yuppies or baby boomers? You’ll find lots of specific internet websites that are very well-liked in a certain demographic – and their success is very closely linked to that specialization. These websites don‚Äôt want to attract everybody and don’t need to either. They serve a specific need in a certain market, which is the key to their success. What interest groups are you focused on? Even though a top determining factor is the demographic, a different factor is considering what these people are interested in. As you possibly know, parental and mother’s web sites are huge online, just like artist groups. BUsiness people, sport enthusiasts, chocoholics. Every one has their own social networking site online. What is your ideal out.e Dependent on the purpose of your social media marketing campaign, you may want to build a .munity, holding social media workshops increase your brand awareness, concentrate on online lead generation or any number of other objectives. Contemplate the aim of your campaign when selecting the top social networking sites, because some sites will be more suitable to creating a .munity, generating leads or selling than other websites. In summary, there are a number of questions that should be asked before choosing the top social networking sites that your social media marketing strategy should focus on. Remember that when you’re creating a social media marketing strategy, the strategy is just as vital as the implementation and the .munity management. You need to have a plan of what you will do, how you will do it, when it will be done, and who in your team is taking on the responsibility. Setting KPIs that are directly linked to your overall business purpose will ensure you’re doing the right thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: