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Web-Hosting Choosing between shared dedicated hosting and virtual hosting is the difficult choice that website owner has to made. Usually small business organizations find shared web hosting a more viable option as it is very economical. However, when your business expands in due course of time, shared hosting plans fail to meet your business requirement. Here is when virtual private server (VPS) .es into picture. Virtual hosting in India .bines the features of shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. VPS server in India meets the requirement of both small scale business and mid scale business. VPS server provides freedom to the user and that too at very affordable price range at Microsoft Hosting. Although shared hosting and virtual server hosting have many similarities, they still have distinctive features. Following are the basis on which you can make distinction between shared web hosting and virtual web hosting in India. Unique IP address – virtual server will have an advantage of private e-mail server. This would facilitate exclusive handling of all its mails. Also the e-mails will get delivered on time as it will get generated from unique IP address. Also, it will not permit spammers to infect your mailbox. Exclusive operating system – in case of virtual web hosting in India you will have the freedom of choosing operating system that caters to all your requirements. This feature is there is case you go for dedicated hosting, however, you get to enjoy this feature at affordable price range in VPS server at Microsoft Hosting. Improved performance – in case of shared hosting the website takes more time for loading when there is more traffic on the sever. However, in case of VPS server in India there is improvement in the performance of your website as you do not have to share resources with others at Microsoft Hosting. Security level – the threat of unauthorized access is minimized in case of VPS hosting in India as virtual private server account are isolated from each other. This ensures security from hackers and spammers. Moreover as all accounts are in isolation any kind of DOS attack will not affect your account. Customization of firewall – In case of shared hosting access has to be provided to give the user access to web mail, FTP, POP, etc. However, in case of virtual server in India there is no need of taking such access. A friendly tip: Microsoft Hosting India reseller web hosting should be especially interesting to a lot of people – not just night owls who are out to purchase cheap web space. It’s also interesting for people who are out to better understand the workings of the global market. An India-based reseller web host is expected to adhere to global standards, and if you are already intimately familiar with the way resellers work locally, and wish to be better acquainted with how resellers work in other parts of the world, India is one of the best places to start your observation. There are many web hosting .panies who deliver premium services and guides to Indian clients. From the advantages and disadvantages between a Linux hosting server and a Windows hosting server, their necessary programming ingredients for be.ing .patible with any of them to the monthly or yearly subscription charges, there are a number of website hosting .panies can help their Indian clients get introduced with the pros and cons of hosting a website. For doing away with the language barriers and time zone difficulties, those hosting service providers have .e up with live chat facility through which .munications are made round the clock in Indian expressive style, so that the requirements of the clients can be reached and settled effectively and quickly at Microsoft Hosting. Microsoft Hosting Customers – especially those who have been exposed all their lives to "home-grown" and localized marketing strategies – usually anticipate .munication problems when they have to deal with service providers from another country. Among reliable providers in the global marketplace, however, this very rarely happens. As English continues to evolve into a truly universal language, it establishes itself as a favored medium of .munication by clients and .panies everywhere in the world. You can expect the biggest names in every industry to place great importance on their English-speaking customer relations assets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: