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Health An effect is always good when it points to the right direction-but if it swerves to the side, then most probably it is not. A lot of treatment fibroids might provide you with the wrong kind of medication. If you have been diagnosed with symptoms, do not simply take risks or else get ready to be in a worsened condition. Fibroids make women suffer by giving signals of pain and torture. So watch out for treatments that might enlarge the fibroids and cause more pain. Read the article to see why uterine embolization is risky. The reason why you should be careful with uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is because studies have shown that it includes risks and side effects. Treatments are supposedly to make you feel better and normal. If it hurts, cure it and do not prolong the agony. However take caution with procedures that are a somewhat questionable. Similar to most, embolization incurs pain during and after the process even if it is not a surgical procedure. In UFE, what they do is close the arteries’ passage to end the blood supply towards the fibroids. So why is it painful? Well, it is simply because of the catheter that will pass through uterine arteries. Thereafter, drops of polyvinyl particles are inserted down the fibroid. Obviously, any foreign object inserted into sensitive parts of the body is torture. Even if doctors say place you into sedation during the entire process, you still cannot be sure of what possible pain you are going to feel. UFE is definitely more than just normal menstrual cramps. Imagine that mind-blowing pain you experience you feel when you cannot move because of it. Freeze that scenario in mind. Now multiply the degree of pain to a couple of times! Honestly, that is the pain you will experience if you decide to go for embolization or other similar fibroids treatments like abdominal hysterectomy and myomectomy. There is a possibility that women will experience severe to moderate pain after the procedure. It is then followed by days or weeks of unavoidable nausea and fever. The risk is you will have to buy and take in extra medication to relieve the sicknesses and pain. Meantime, infected fibroids and uterus is the worst effect of embolization. Even if UFE may lessen excessive bleeding and urination, a current study indicates that women can begin to menopause because of it! There are thousands of treatment fibroids which readily offers in shrinking fibroids, whether small or large. But to be frank, none has proven yet true capability to permanently eliminate fibroids. Take for example the case of Uterine Fibroid Embolization. UFE does not promise to permanently eliminate them. The most it can do is shrink the fibroids’ size. Sometimes it will take you six months to one year to see real change. If you are smart, make sure you invest your hard-earned money into something that actually works for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: