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Villagers’ dissatisfaction with the forest right confirmation v. Beijing Pinggu district government deputy district court – vice mayor Pinggu District Sohu news appear in court against the district government confirmed to the forest right, Pinggu District villagers Lee Pinggu District People’s government to court. Yesterday, the Beijing fourth hospital public hearing this from the forest right confirmation of administrative cases. In this case, Cheng Hu, vice president of fourth served as presiding judge of the trial, the defendant Wu Lianjiang, vice mayor of Pinggu District People’s Government (see photo) as the executive head of the respondent. The plaintiff Li Mousu said that the original Pinggu area bear woods Zhai Xiang Nan village, in 1983 the original Pinggu County People’s government issued the "forest", "fruit warrants long-term use permit", enjoy the legitimate rights and interests of the forest and trees. 2002 Lee learned that the government to prove the original ownership of the replacement work, but failed to successfully handle the Pinggu forestry bureau. After Lee through the government information disclosure means that district has southern forest village all forest land to the king Wang Xinzhuang town of Pinggu District Daxinzhuang village. Lee believes that the above-mentioned acts of violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the district government, it sued the court to require the confirmation of forest rights. Yesterday, the case in the fourth city court hearing, the plaintiff Lee himself in court, the defendant by the Pinggu District Vice Mayor Wu Lianjiang District Forestry Bureau and head of the respondent. Pinggu district government has argued that the South Village has already been incorporated into the woods Wangxinzhuang village collective property also received Wang Xinzhuang village. But before this, the plaintiff had the account moved to Machangying village, the village became a member of the collective economic organizations, and the reform of property right system in 2010 to enjoy the right to pay the rebate. Therefore, the plaintiff can not enjoy the identity and treatment of two members of the collective economic organizations. In addition, the district government believes that as early as 2013, the plaintiff had as an attorney in the village of pingmou sued the district government case of administrative litigation, the plaintiff shall know the defendant Wang Xinzhuang Village Forest warrants issued by the fact that the plaintiff filed a lawsuit over the law now limits. The district government said, according to relevant provisions of the "forest law" and the municipal government, issued on forest ownership certificates and ownership change, should be approved by the registration authority to determine the new forest, forest, wood and forest land, forest warrants issued. The district government believes that in the forest warrants issued after the original, other documents shall be repealed, so the south forest village formed revoked all rights, including land, mountain, forest and other collective property to Wang Xin Zhuang village committee, district government changes in the original south mountain village forest ownership situation, determine land ownership the new, so the plaintiff to forest warrants has been cancelled. In summary, Pinggu district government has asked the court to dismiss the plaintiff’s claim. Yesterday, the court did not sentence the case. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyuwen correspondent Zhang Wei photo相关的主题文章: