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Video Marketing | Internet Business There are numerous forms of marketing your product or service on the internet, but video marketing should be on the list of methods you use in your online marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why: •Videos comprise over 60% of all web traffic. •30,000,000,000 web videos are watched every month in the United States alone •71% of video viewers are employed. •Only 15% of viewers are students. •Viewer median income is $75,000 annually. •Almost 50% of viewers are married. •70% of all online video viewers are college educated. Now, I will ask you a question: Is that a market and a demographic that you as a business owner want to get your product or service in front of? Of course it is! Since we know that we should be marketing online with video, why don’t we do it? If we are using video, why aren’t we doing more of it? In my experience, there are two issues that arise when people consider using video to market online. 1. What do I talk about on my video? 2. How do I structure my video? First, here is what you should be discussing on your videos. Don’t make this difficult. You don’t really have to go out of your way to find topics. Keep it simple, and share content that you have learned about. Learn it, apply it, and teach it. Share how you have solved problems you faced so you can help others avoid the same issues. Try answering the most commonly asked questions about your topic. Then answer the questions that no one thinks to ask. Remember, you want to establish yourself as the expert to gain the trust of a potential customer. Finally, make sure you are focusing on keywords that are highly searched. Use the Google Keyword Tool (Google it), and find keywords with up to 100,000 searches but no less than 1000. And make sure the competition level is only average or below average, so you can get you videos ranked high in the search engines. Here is a proven formula, with 4 steps to structure your video so it has maximum impact to drive traffic to your website. 1. Make a powerful opening statement, including the “problem” you have solved. Example: The Top 10 Reasons People Fail In Home Based Business. Spend 1 minute sharing those reasons. People will resonate with your points. 2. Share your background and how you came to this point in your life. Spend 1 minute on who you are, where you are from, your job, and your family interests and hobbies. You will find that people relate to your life. Those are the folks you want as customers. 3. Discuss the solution you found to the “problem” you shared in step #1. Spend 1 minute sharing what you have learned that will solve that problem. Remember to tell, not sell. Your goal here is to establish your self as a credible leader who gives back to help. Oh, and don’t make any promises or guarantees either. The last thing you want to do is say something that isn’t true. This will crush your credibility. 4. State a clear call to action. Tell the viewer exactly what to do next. Be very specific in your instructions. Make is so easy that a 5th grader could follow. You might use wording like, “So, here are your action steps to apply what you just learned.” Don’t forget to send the viewer to visit you website both on the video, and in the description Don’t forget to send the viewer to visit you website both on the video, and in the description box below the video. This is forgotten quite often. People are looking for leaders, so be the leader and guide the viewer to take action. Your content is useless unless it is applied, so motivate and inspire! Now, go make a video! Don’t wait! Do it now! Video content marketing is powerful and can take some time to build viewership, but consistent effort pays off for a steady stream of free, targeted traffic. Use these tips and watch your traffic grow, and your business blossom. 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