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UnCategorized Despite the general association with the word "crush" there are many types of feelings that can seem similar to the standard which may have .pletely different meanings. Many people be.e concerned when they develop feelings that they would categorize as a crush, but somehow feel are inappropriate. Over the years the term has been more loosely used, even in jest, to describe a wide variety of favorable feelings that one person may have for another eventually be.ing a catchall for any type of situation in which one person feels fondly about another. Though the actual definition of a crush evolved from the idea of one person have a passing infatuation with another, the most frequently recognized meaning today is simply that one person likes another. While those who are truly infatuated may tend to be.e obsessive or unreasonable in their behavior when referring to a crush in today’s society, most people do not intend to imply such out of control feelings. It is likely that any person who is questioning whether or not they have a crush might be leaning in the direction of the romantic, but not every situation requires that feelings however intense be of that nature. In some cases a person may develop a crush on another simply because they find that person to be fascinating or inspiring. Most people that arrive at the decision that they do in fact have a crush on another person do so because they have developed intense feelings for someone else, though not often obsessive. The modern definition of the crush might apply to anything from falling in love to a budding friendship and everything in between despite its’ most .mon definition. The intensity that some people feel can at times be alarming, especially if for one reason or another they fear the out.e. For this reason it can be helpful to determine the nature of one’s crush so that an understanding can be reached and with it the elimination of any underlying concerns. Friendly Crush: This type of crush might cause certain people to be.e concerned about the nature of their feelings. Admiration and a longing to be in the .pany of one particular person might have some people concerned that their feelings are of a romantic nature. While only you can be certain of the type of feeling that is developing for another person, it is also important to understand that not all strong feelings are romantic. Friendship is a truly special type of relationship that can plant very deep seeded feelings between two people that may surpass many other types of relationships, even those of a romantic nature. Allowing yourself to trust in the closeness that you share with a friend is a wonderful thing and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be.e too concerned just because these feelings are strong in nature. It is also important to keep in mind that though the word crush might feel like an accurate description in some ways, this does not mean that romance is involved. Simply understanding the differences between love and lust and why one is often present in this situation while the other is absent may help dissolve any concerns you may have about your feelings. Passing Crush: Though in some cases a crush may present some signs of attraction, it is important to remember that not all crushes need be alarming ones. Those who are unable to pursue a romantic relationship needn’t worry too badly about the type of crush that may have them thinking about someone else, but often dissolves in time. Many people experience crushes of this nature throughout their relationship, especially if the focus of their feelings is a person who seems new and exciting. In many cases the feelings subside in a short time and take with them that concern of making am mistake. Admiration Crush: When one person idolizes another there may be moments when they begin to feel very intensely about that person. These feelings can be mistaken for romance simply because they are so intense. The most .mon situations where such crushes develop are when one person has a great deal of respect to learn from the person they are focuses on and because if this may feel slightly awed by their presence. Those who have serious dating questions about this type of crush may want to allow some time to pass before making a move. In many cases, once enough information is taken in so that the person feels that they can stand on equal ground with their crush with subject matter the crush dissolves. For this reason it is important to watch your step in any relationship where you feel too intimidated by the object of your affection as it may lead to their being able to take advantage. Misplaced Crush: When people are experiencing a time of life that is less than satisfying they are more likely to look outside their daily lives for some relief. When experiencing this type of crush, the target is likely to be a person who you may see often, but do not know or even speak with. A co-worker in another department, a clerk at a store that you frequent or even a friend of a friend that you do not know very well are .mon choices for this feeling. The misplaced crush often means that you are in need of a change in your life and for one reason or another are unable to move forward. It is .mon for those with these types of feelings to create fictitious personalities for the person that they admire, fitting their ideal romance into a stranger. While there is often no way to know whether or not the person in question might be a wel.e addition to your romantic life, it is important to address the deeper issues that are often the cause of such behavior before you can truly pursue some successful matchmaking. Danger Crush: Developing a crush on a person that you are nearly certain would be all wrong for you can again be a big warning sign that something else is wrong in your life. These types of crushes can mean anything from the possibility that you’re looking for change, to the tendency to look for self-destructive people who will damage your life. In either case it is often wise to take a step back from this type of crush and determine why it may have developed in the first place. Falling In Love Crush: When a person first begins to feel that tug on their heart strings, it may start out as simply as a crush. Following the love advice that your instincts provide and any sensible plans that you believe best fit your life will often help you in the right direction. An important step to avoid might be not to allow yourself to be.e too obsessive, whether or not your feelings are returned, as this tends to pull your feelings out of proportion. From friendship to admiration, dangerous to perfectly matched, people experience the intensity of different types of crushes every day all over the world. Understanding how and why you feel the way that you do will allow you to continue on a path that best fits your needs and avoid making any mistakes. Once you have determined the nature of your feelings you may find that it be.es easier to allow them to flow freely without the bothersome confusion that so often follows that slippery label: crush. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: