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Fashion-Style A new trend has captured the imagination of those getting married. The trend has been more popular because these days everyone wants to personalize their wedding ceremony to make it memorable. This new trend is the Chinese flavors in the weddings. The specialty of this trend is that every thing, starting from the invitations, favors to dresses, are all red in color. In Chinese culture, the color red represents festivity and joy. For any type of celebration Chinese people use red shades. The bridal gown that is traditionally used in China is called Qi Pao. It is just like a sheath, which is just a one-piece frock. When worn the Qi Pao looks beautiful as it hugs the body of the bride, with beautiful Phoenix embroideries on it. Qi Pao, though considered one of the works of art, can also be used to show off the beautiful curves of the female form. However in the regions of South China the tradition takes on a different flavor. The brides here prefer to wear a two-piece red Cheongsam. The Cheongsam are bright red in color and have golden phoenix and dragon embroideries. In general the red wedding dresses are masterpieces in terms of fabrics and embroideries. In Chinese culture the images of phoenix and dragon on anything red is considered lucky and which acts as a protection from evil spirits. The symbols of phoenix and dragon are also considered as the male and female power balancing each other. If can wear something red with dragon and phoenix on it for your wedding dress if you want to add the Chinese flavor to it. The Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses are made from precious silk fabrics and look elegant, bright and beautiful that is unmatched by anything similar. You can have the Chinese dress for your wedding and in addition you can wear a red veil as per the tradition in order to .plete your bridal attire. Adding the Chinese flavor to your wedding will be exciting and something out of the world and who knows the red wedding dress may prove a blessing for your new married life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: