Trump elected, American manufacturing home, Chinese manufacturing end borderland

Trump elected, American manufacturing home, Chinese manufacturing end? Original title: the United States made home, China made the end! | glacier observation Author: Tao short housing source: public number "glacier thought library" Trump after winning the election, has met with the outgoing Obama in the White House (Barack Obama), the fact that the gear change of government has begun to turn. Although the so-called "trump Street defense you are not our president" demonstrations is still hot, but the United States has entered the age of Trump". As some "after that game when Zhu Geliang", one of the key of Trump’s victory, he is generous to admit the reality of American "not good enough", and that they have the ability to make it "to be fine, it compared to Hilary repeatedly stressed that" keep America great "more in line with the voters’ feelings and wishes. And these are generally considered "not good", "to be changed," in terms of the economy is undoubtedly very important. Trump’s economic policy "train to run fast, depends on the locomotive, the government’s economic policy adviser to the president and the cabinet in the final analysis depends on the staff of these two teams to develop, by both the house and Senate legislation to" endorsement". Although the so-called "sea government officials" rumors true, but the United States and Britain, Germany and other countries of different representative government, only the president elected officials, the minister and the cabinet members are nominated by the president, Congress review, staff team is the same. Trump is a businessman, in the Republican election process and shallow foundation, the relationship between the parties is not very understanding neither friendly nor aloof. Now to set up two and a half (government, staff consultant team and part of the full term of the diplomatic envoys) new team, not "careers" and pay close attention to and Republican caucus communication is clearly not enough. The White House staff may face unemployment in November 10th according to the report, Trump met with emergency Republican House Speaker Ryan (PaulD.Ryan), two days later by Vice President Burns (Mike Pence) to replace the former New Jersey governor Christie (Chris Christie), as the 15 "transition team" convener. This "transition team" with Ryan, can be regarded as the future of the Trump economic team "incubator", the main areas of the economy, most of the staff members released. The "transition team" members "is held not to avoid the pro, team of rivals, both daughter Kushner (Ivanka and Jared Kushner) couple and son Donald (Donald Trump junior) and Eric (Eric Trump), also have primaries rival Carson (Ben Carson) and the party the primary candidate Gingrich (Newt Gingrich.). Representative Ryan is can be regarded as the Republican mainstream, their attitude to sway in the election of the process, until the last moment can only say "niezhuobizai" stood on the side of Trump. But now the victory before, they must quickly adjust their mentality, to ensure that the next 4 years of government.相关的主题文章: