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Tragedy! The body is full of pinhole? 2 year old child with some of the risk of death, even with the practice of the parents – Sohu health when the child was sick as a parent, elders, what is your first reaction? A lot of folk healing earth but these earth there is no scientific basis on less reliable, we ordinary people of course is very difficult to judge the child is the palm of the treasure to be some people tend to use so-called "means" and most babies love this not, recently there is such a tragedy happened? "2 year old children hospitalized in critical condition, the doctor found its stomach swelling, body bruising, stomach swelling, skin is covered with a pinhole. Ask only, because the child sudden convulsions, grandma with "indigenous" — embroidery needle and children with ginger rub to fever, leading to Staphylococcus aureus infection in children, actually lead to sepsis… The child’s mother Leung said, children at home had been ill for two days, have a fever cough, because mental state is poor, the soil used in grandma, with a needle body to have thorns, spines and finished with ginger to the body rub, rub the body heat has been. The picture of the little boy Binbin body bruising, swollen belly watching people exceedingly distressed "Binbin after being rushed to the hospital, the doctor immediately to rescue them, a few hours have fever to 39.2 degrees, the heart rate is almost 200 times that of normal heart rate generally 2 years old children is 120~140. He also called almost no response, the doctor immediately to Binbin’s family issued a notice in critical condition. For the blind to the children of needling, Ms. Liang a very regret. Doctors advise that the soil has not been a scientific test, the blind use is easy to make the condition worse, and even life-threatening. What part of the tie is not clear. How deep the tie is not clear, anyway, at home was delayed two days, one is to delay the disease, second of your body needle, may lead to the spread of the disease, leading to sepsis spread in the body. It is possible to carry a lot of bacteria inside the needle, which may carry bacteria into the bloodstream." Fortunately, after nearly a month of treatment, the child has turned the corner users could not help the audibles! Cure? By soil method, many have no scientific validation in recent years, due to the use of "Earth" and the solution as pressing danger out of the event story is more often found in newspapers? The chicken bones throat by piercing the esophageal swallow rice and vegetable roll through the aorta 68 year old Liu aunt for dinner when he swallowed a chicken ribs, after she used a lot of swallowing a few decades after rice and vegetable roll, or a foreign body sensation. Second days afternoon, Liu aunt feel chest pain, to the local hospital, gastroscopy found foreign body into the esophageal wall from the incisors of 23 cm, inserted with active bleeding. Then CT scan confirmed that foreign bodies into the thoracic aorta at the same time. Note: fishbone card throat, chicken bone, don’t swallow rice and vegetable roll is right, as soon as possible to the regular hospital. Grandma with a method of treatment of the grandson of the sun burns, the child almost lost his life…… 1 year old Ze Ze can run down, but walking is not stable. One day while walking in the living room, one fell to the ground, hand 3相关的主题文章: