Tragedy! A red card was unhappy about the killing boxing referee-punyu

Tragedy! A red card was unhappy about the killing boxing referee is the red card, sina sports news Beijing on March 16th news, last summer in Michigan, a football league against health tragedy. The referee was dissatisfied with the penalty players hit dizzy, two days later, the judge died in a hospital. In this case the trial, the perpetrators Saad could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. According to reports, the game in the 37 year old Bessel Saad for a foul received his second yellow card in the game, the referee John Nowitzki Biniewei immediately sent him a red card, but Saad was discontent with the penalty, he punched in the face of Bigne Fitch Ki, the 44 year old Bigne Fitch Ki fell to the ground and was sent to the local syncope hospital. Two days later, there has been no waking Bigne Fitch Ki died in hospital. Bessel Saad was accused of manslaughter, was sentenced to 8-15 years imprisonment will. At the same time, Saad also need to pay Bigne Fitch Ki’s funeral expenses of $8700. Biniewei’s widow in court once again raised the red card, and said: "I want to reassure Saad red card, because he deserved it." (blue)

悲剧!球员不满红牌竟一拳打死裁判 就是这张红牌   新浪体育讯 北京时间3月16日消息,去年夏天在美国密歇根州一场足球联赛中反生一起悲剧。当值主裁判竟然被不服判罚的球员一拳打晕,两天后,该名裁判在医院中死亡。近日这起案件正式开庭,行凶者萨阿德可能被判最高15年监禁。   据报道,比赛中37岁的贝塞尔-萨阿德因犯规领到了自己本场比赛的第二张黄牌,主裁判约翰-比涅维茨基随即出示红牌将他罚下,然而对判罚不满萨阿德怒不可遏,他一拳打在了比涅维茨基脸上,44岁的比涅维茨基当地倒地晕厥并被送往医院。两天后,一直没有苏醒的比涅维茨基在医院去世。   贝塞尔-萨阿德被指控过失杀人罪,将被判罚监禁8-15年。同时萨阿德还需要支付比涅维茨基的丧葬费8700美元。比涅维茨基的遗孀在法庭再次举起了那张红牌,并说道:“我想再次向萨阿德出示红牌,因为这是他应得的。”(天蓝)相关的主题文章: