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To the surprise of   the Chengdu auto show these new cars will focus on (I) — car — September car city is a big thing, this is the annual session of the Chengdu auto show. Due to Beijing, Guangzhou’s two largest auto show "attack", the Chengdu auto show will be arranged in the hot weather and then held — the hot Hot pot culture interweave together, make every trip to Chengdu, turned into a physical and mental auto editors of baptism. The Chengdu auto show every year, this year the difference? I would say that this year’s car component is too big, and no "fool"! In this article, we will be out of the museum from 1 to No. 4 in the museum’s most important starting and new car. They include the new Peugeot 4008, sharp, Chevrolet and other modern competitive Kewozi new cars are popular attention. I can already imagine, these models will be estimated crowd packed booth. Southeast DX3 (auto show first) level: small SUV aspect: once again, the main design of the Southeast DX3 will become the following DX7 models, the southeast and a focus on the design of SUV models. DX3 by Pininfarina design center surgeon, using suspension type C column, prominent body lines and popular element. Its body length and width were 43541840 1654mm, wheelbase 2610mm. In the power, the new car will be equipped with 1.5L and 1.5T two engines, which is expected. Comments: it can be said that the southeast recently invested in the SUV models of great energy, while the car market downturn so that its products are gradually losing appeal. Following the DX7 sales to become the backbone of the southeast, DX3 models are expected to continue to expand the market, but the current competitive models too much, what is the advantage of it remains to be seen. Dongfeng Yueda new KIA KX3 (first auto show) level: SUV small aspect: small change models but still the personality of Dongfeng Yueda new KIA KX3 in September 2nd will be the opening of the 2016 Chengdu auto show debut. Small change, the new car belongs to the current model, in the front face shape is adjusted, taillights also redesigned. The new car in the interior of the little change, a new black and red brown interior color scheme. In power, the new KX3 is expected to follow the current car 1.6L, 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and 1.6T turbocharged engine, the matching is manual and automatic transmission. Comment: KIA KX3 from the beginning of the listing is considered to be a relatively small SUV personality, but also because of its personality, sales did not with the brothers of modern ix25 ideal. After the new car to change the appearance of the new KX5 closer, is expected to draw more popularity. Beijing modern pleasing (first auto show: small car) level for Chinese aspect: the market to build new models of modern Beijing accepted a new small car, has released a concept car at the Beijing auto show, the production version will be officially released. The design of the production version will continue to accept the concept car to a great extent, the size of the net exaggerated, car tail design is simple and smooth. A letter to the car相关的主题文章: