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Title: Analysis on the Hong Kong Hengda Suning hutch hegemony is expected to become the showstopper Sohu with sports Jiangsu Suning 6-1 away win over Shijiazhuang in Yongchang at the end of the 2016 season of Super League twenty-fourth round game all over, Suning and Guangzhou Hengda leader of the gap is still 6 points in the league with 6 round case and still retain the title hopes. Shanghai Shenhua to get super third identity AFC Champions League seats most likely. In the current standings, Guangzhou Hengda topped the list with 53 points, Jiangsu Suning to 47 points ranked second, ranked third in the 41 Shanghai Shenhua, fourth to 39 of the Shanghai port, fifth and sixth respectively for Hebei Huaxia happiness and Guangzhou R & F, the two teams were 35 points and 33 branch. With 6 matches remaining, 18 points gap theory within the team also has the title possibilities, but Huaxia happiness this season away from home is Hengda double, even reaching theory and with the Hengda, can not win. While Hong Kong Shenhua and although it is theoretically possible, but 12 points and 14 points is difficult to smooth in the 6 round, with the league, they out of it is just a matter of time. Finally, there will be left Hengda and Suning two teams to compete for the championship this season. As with the 6 round of the Hengda: home court against Liaoning Hongyun, successive game against Shanghai on the Hong Kong and Shijiazhuang, Yongchang, Yanbian flight away home court against Jiangsu Suning, against Shandong Luneng home court. Hengda after the 6 round of the 3 home away from home, where the game’s opponents, including the port and Suning on the top two opponents, and the remaining four games, the total is not difficult to take a total of 12 points. While Hong Kong and Suning will be launched on blocking if Hengda Hengda, passed on Hong Kong this, get 3 points, then second in the countdown round and Suning game, Hengda is likely to have been crowned in advance. Suning after the 6 round against: home court against Tianjin TEDA, away against Hangzhou Greentown, Hong Kong, home court against Shanghai away against Chongqing Lifan, home court against Guangzhou Evergrande, away against Liaoning hongyun. Suning after the 6 round of the same 3 main 3 passengers, there are also a strong opponent of the two: Hong Kong and hengda. The difference is that two Su Ningdu is home court, have the right time, if you can grasp the opportunity, to take all 6 points, Suning will still have a chance to complete the counter attack at the last moment. But there is a little mistake, the last second rounds of the game against Evergrande, Suning may become the second Luneng, watching the opponent stepped on his shoulders to win. Overall, Suning has the opportunity to overtake, but should not only do our best, but also hopes to win Hengda experienced gutter capsize. In addition to the title, and the team to fight for AFC Champions League seats. Hengda and Suning has been locked in the two places, the Super League won the qualification AFC Champions League only the last places. At present, Shenhua leading by 2 points. The Hong Kong ranked third. Fourth and fifth of the Huaxia happiness and decimating in theory and for AFC Champions League seats possible, but 6 points and 8 points to their present state of strength and to realize the possibility of a counter ultra little in the last 6 rounds)相关的主题文章: