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UnCategorized Are you new to LCD projectors? There are a few things to consider, when buying a LCD projector. As you read this article, you will discover the kind of things to look at, when buying LCD projectors. By time you .plete this article, you will have the information you need to be able to buy a projector. Here are some points that are essential to look into, when looking to buy a LCD projector: * Choosing A Projector * Inputs * Do You Get A Remote? * Picture Adjustment * Choosing A Projector Though this article focuses on buying a LCD HDTV projector for your home, we will also look at the other uses for a projector, as you could use your projector for a number of different uses. For example, if you want a more portable LCD projector, which you can carry around with you – for meeting, presentations etc, then a Ultralights type of projector is perhaps more beneficial. If you are looking for a conference room type of projector, then LCD projectors which are slightly heavier than Ultralight projectors may work fine. That way, you can keep them semi-permanent, and if need arises, you can easily move them around. For home cinema, you can go for a much heavier unit. This is especially so, when you want a permanent place for your LCD projector. However, if you plan to move the projector, then you will want to look for a more light weight projector. * Inputs LCD projectors are much different than old style overhead projectors. With today’s projectors, you can connect many of your electrical products to it. For example, you can connect your laptop, mouse, sound system, and many more! This makes looking at the inputs and outputs, an important consideration. The question you will want to ask, is whether you can connect all your needed equipment onto the LCD HDTV projector? * Do You Get A Remote? It is easy to this important point. Like most electrical products, we want a remote for ease. At home, you may want to be able to control the projector while sitting on the couch. * Picture Adjustment When buying a LCD HDTV projector, you will want to also take a look at the picture adjustment options. We all have preferences, and more better controls for picture adjustment allow this. You will also want to consider resolution of the LCD projector. With HDTV projectors, you will find 480p, 576p, 720p, and even 1080p has started appearing. However, realize that DVD can only play back at 480p, so the higher HDTV projector resolutions may not prove more beneficial. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: