The wind blew off the roof of the water heater hit the BMW Jiaxing car owners are very

The wind down the roof water heater smashed through the BMW car owners in Jiaxing was very generous to the night of November 7th at Jiaxing wind and rain, there is a car parked in the downtown apartment building 1 fengle downstairs BMW car, is a solar water heater six floor roof falling smashed. After the incident, the owners are very generous. BMW car smashed? The city fengle 1 apartment downstairs, the BMW car window smashed, above all the broken glass. Around the BMW, the base of the solar water heater, water pipes and water tanks. A little early this morning around district residents suddenly heard bang when a loud noise. Community residents: very loud and very loud, I thought it was someone else’s window fell or what. Fengle apartment industry authority director Lu Ayi: he heard, he is in the six floor, a gust of wind blew down. This solar energy is not fixed? Fixed good, screw is fixed, there is no way to wind. Reporters learned from the meteorological department, about 1 am today, the city along the five northerly winds, the wind speed of 9 meters per second, the wind is not too much. 1 buildings on the roof, there are other solar water heaters, but it fell on the. Residents believe that there should be no solar water tank and the water pressure, weight is not enough not to live, that by the wind. Then blown down the solar water heater, in the end who is? Lu aunt one by one investigation of 1 households, and finally found the owner of the solar water heater. The family is an old couple, already more than and 70 years old, male master stroke in the hospital, the hostess body is not good. The owner Mr. Xu did not understand the situation, to come to the accounts, but called the insurance company. Fengle apartment industry authority director Lu aunt: car owners told me not to scare her, as I say. The car owner called me up, he is really fine, he said the aunt you don’t speak well, don’t tell her. Although the skylight is broken, but this is not an ordinary domestic BMW 3 series, but Mao of the 320I, repair a skylight is also a major project, estimated repair costs around one hundred thousand. The money in the end is the insurance company, or their own into the car, the owner Mr. Xu is reluctant to say. It can repair the car, if hit, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. So when the wind is blowing, the residents will have to check the solar water heater, as far as possible on the roof of the solar water heater full of water.相关的主题文章: