The villagers to clean up the old house discovered a bomb under the

The villagers to clean up the old house bed discovered under a shell original title: clean up the old house under the bed discovered a bomb Chinese daily news (reporter Kang Fei) October 7th, Mr. Wang Temple Street Pavilion Village Weinan city Huayin City, found a bomb when he bought the old house, the police, the police to the the proper disposal of the shells. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Wang bought Huayin City Temple Street Pavilion Village, an old house from the hands of others, because the old house has never lived in. Recently, Mr. Wang would like to dismantle the old house to cover, in October 7th, Mr. Wang is ready to put some old furniture out of the old house, in the moving bed, suddenly found a bomb under the bed. "I was so scared that I sat on the floor when I saw the shells." Mr. Wang said, the body cold sweat, do not know what to do, the shells are about 50 cm long, about 5 cm in diameter, the head is conical, whole shells rusty, and some words on the body, do not know what time will explode. Mr. Wang thought for a night, the morning of October 8th 9, he Hua Yin City mountain police station. After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to Mr. Wang’s old house, Mr. Wang’s home was full of onlookers. Police let onlookers crowd left the scene and set the warning area. Police will be reported to the scene of Huayin City Public Security brigade, asked to come to deal with. The judgement of the security police investigation, the shells preserved better, do not rule out the possibility of explosion at any time, and the shell is located in a residential area, once the explosion consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Considering the danger of the shells, shells will be put into the police carefully with sand box, and brought to the relevant departments for destruction. Huayin police remind: the masses should be found suspected explosives, shells, etc., please the first time to the public security organs to the police, and to protect the scene to prevent the crowd close to dangerous, causing casualties. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: