The Top Three First Aid

UnCategorized When it .es to any kind of safety or precautionary product, you always want to make sure you buy the best of the best. These are product brands in which you truly can trust. They will always provide you with exactly what a first aid kit or survival kit should include, but the name alone gives you trust that when a dangerous situation arrives, you have a brand you can really rely on. The following, are three of the top first aid kits and survival kits that you KNOW you can trust in to help you in whatever safety situation you are in! – Adventure Medical Kits: The Adventure First Aid 2.0 contains a multitude of supplies to treat cuts & scrapes, sprains, headaches, muscle aches, allergic reactions and larger wounds. Easy Care First Aid System organizes items by injury with Easy Care cards to help anyone quickly and confidently give first aid. This brand .es in three major versions. You have the .5 version for single use, 1.0 for adventure and survival situations and of course the 2.0 for groups of 104 people for 1 day. The supply list includes everything from bandage materials to bleeding to burns to sprains, medication, blisters and everything else in between! – Tactical Medical Solutions: When an individual is involved in a shooting it is essential that they have the necessary items to render aid to themselves or to the suspect. The Tactical Medical Solutions Ballistic response pack contains the .ponents necessary for a first responder to provide treatment to ballistic injuries as well as other types of trauma associated with .bat operations. This .pact, one hand accessible, MOLLE adaptable pouch is ideal for storage on individual equipment or inside a vehicle. Its contents were selected for ease of use and effectiveness. This specific kit .es with tourniquet, bandages, gauze, Nasopharyangeal airway, gloves, surgical tape, Laderal face shield, shears and a STAT triage card. But, there are other kits in the Tactical Medical Solutions as well. – Special Forces .bat Survival Tin: This is an essential kit for survival in .bat. 15 items tightly packed in a useful metal tin. Special Forces survival kits are favorites amongst the elite branches of the U.S. armed forces including the Green Berets, SEALs, Rangers, Delta Force and Marines. You won’t find better survival kits on the market today because the background knowledge and use that went into choosing and designing their survival kits is second to none. Of course there are an array of other brands, but above all these are the top three. You also have various options to choose from depending on the type of situation as well as who it is that is using the kits. You can find kits for EMTs, security people, police offers, army and military situations, tactical situations, etc. The choice is yours when it .es to choosing what the kit contains, but the bare essentials are a definite requirement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: