The tiger drama tour again after a lapse of a year deduction of positive energy of youth-noiseware

The tiger drama tour again after a lapse of a year deduction of positive energy of youth stills Tencent entertainment news produced by He Jiong, tiger, left Li, Su Miaoling who starred in the drama "Gardenia Neverland" since 2015 when it staged a "nostalgia youth" full of positive energy of youth campus story conquered a large audience response good. After a lapse of one year, and now this drama with the start of the tour, re entered the public view. The music drama "Gardenia Neverland" is about the band no concern for an ordinary college students, in the graduation season approaching, due to inadvertent PO Internet first "Neverland" overnight fame, after the sudden confusion and change, this is pure graduates, when facing the night after the explosion of red surge of fame and desire, they really want to choose the music itself or that the world is full of noise? The dream and the reality choice, not only against the hero and heroine, more so that in reality we can make a good choice. Wang Jian played a corner of the tiger, but also because in the play on the small details of his girlfriend caring and honest personality deeply touched the audience. "Birds flying fish" combination of members of the tiger saw his lovely personality and talent show let many people through the program "big coffee variety show", each issue is amazing. The tiger, not only as a singer has published many albums and achieved numerous awards, more show hosted and participated in many many TV series and films, including "Legend of Sword and Fairy 3" "sweetheart" the dust settles "gas", "Miller" red boy ", drama aspect also starred in the musical" Jinsha "" crazy love "etc.. The "Neverland" Gardenia will visit the Gansu Grand Theatre, in September 30th again, I believe the tiger will bring different youth positive energy.相关的主题文章: