The supreme law clear divorce litigation judgment documents do not open the Internet dataload

The highest law: divorce proceedings judgment is not the Internet public vice ministerial level in new network on 30 August, the Supreme People’s Court of full-time members of the judicial committee Liu Xuewen today introduced "clear the revised document access provisions", or judgment of divorce proceedings involving underage child support, custody of the online public judgment documents. The Supreme Court held today the public documents related to the conference, the "Supreme People’s Court on the provisions of judgment documents published on the Internet" (Revised) the main content; Chinese released referee network APP on the line, as well as the people’s Court of public judgment documents relevant to the work of the situation and answered questions from reporters. Liu Xuewen introduction, the new provisions to further expand the scope of the referee should be open. Liu Xuewen introduced the revised detailed list shall be type of public documents, including the judgment, ruling or decision, dismissed the appeal notice, the payment order, administrative mediation, civil litigation mediation, judicial documents and other suspension or termination procedure or the parties substantive rights and influential the major influence of the parties procedural rights. Among them, the requirements of personal privacy, the referee documents should also be hidden in the contents of the contents of personal privacy, Internet access. In addition, have the appeal or protest of the first instance judgment is also included in the scope of the public, and establish the organic connection and the second instance judgment, show trial and referees to complete the picture, to realize the social from all walks of life to the trial work of the people’s courts in the whole process of informed and supervision. The new provisions also further clarify the provisions of the referee documents are not open situation. The revised requirements, "the principle of judgment by mediation or confirm the validity of people’s mediation agreement" on the Internet is not open, but should protect the interests of the state and social public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of others is necessary to open. The new regulations also explicitly require that the divorce proceedings, the referee documents or involving minor child custody, guardianship, the referee does not open the Internet documents. At the same time, the judgment is not open, in addition to possible disclosure of state secrets, announced the case number, in China court referee, referee instruments net date and not open to reason, fully accept the community supervision of the judicial public work, should ensure the public documents all open. Liu Xuewen introduction, the new "Regulations" since October 1st this year.相关的主题文章: