The school bus Poor County West country bought a year not on the card to display the official

The school bus Poor County West country bought a year not on the card to display the official response to the Beijing – side is more than and 10 vehicles purchased by private enterprises in the village kindergarten and special school bus delays in the approval, not the normal operation; while a large number of illegal modification of goods with a tricycle and van in the school on time to pick up the child. In September 25th, the current situation of the Guangxi Nanning County of Longan City, the blame is Nanning TV "TV politics" column exposure, attracted public outcry. In April 2012, the State Council issued the "Regulations on school bus safety management". In July of that year, the general office of the Nanning Municipal People’s government issued the "Nanning to further strengthen the school bus safety management of the implementation of opinions", clearly put forward at all levels of government and relevant departments should through financial support, tax incentives to encourage community donations and other means, to support the use of special busing services. However, more than 4 years ago, Longan why even the legitimate operation of the school bus is not 1? The special school bus bought a year to the licensing of Wang Ming (a pseudonym) runs a private kindergarten in a township in Longan county. He said, because the village is now mostly left-behind children, grandparents of children is not convenient, and the village population, students scattered distribution, in order to attract students, the school bus has become one of the services must be provided to the township kindergarten. It is understood that after a lot of private kindergartens in rural areas of Longan illegal use of van shuttle children, so as not to attract attention, often change the kindergarten operators to take to escape from the law enforcement inspection. Reporter access to long county media released the news that the local carry out special rectification actions, often seized all kinds of illegal operation of vehicles to pick up your children at school. These vehicles are not only poor condition, and many drivers do not have driver’s license, generally surchage, extremely serious hidden safety problems. To this end, Longan County Education Bureau and other departments held several private kindergarten children vehicle safety management work meeting requirements of the shuttle vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the kindergarten rectification notice of rectification, eliminate safety hazards. In order to meet the requirement of safe operation, in September last year, Longan County kindergarten and private enterprises have bought more Wuling brand special school bus. Wang Ming said, in order to put the school bus as soon as possible into operation, he was a school bus driver for the school bus driver qualifications, paid more than 10 thousand yuan of insurance premiums, and to the County Board of education to do a smooth application of the school bus signs. In April this year to submit a written application, the school bus signs have not yet run down, we spent about one hundred thousand yuan to buy a professional school bus will not become a display?" Wang Ming said that the school bus to buy back 1 years of depreciation, insurance premiums will be almost $20 thousand, plus no school bus transfer led to the withdrawal of some children, to bring a lot of loss to the kindergarten management. In order not to make the vehicle idle, Longan county will be secretly unlicensed school bus into operation, because there is no approval permit, was found after the police received a fine. "The local government does not act as ah!" The person in charge of a school bus company said this did not understand why Nanning in other areas, like Mashan County and Binyang county school bus examination run down is not so difficult? No security, everything is nothing Lonton相关的主题文章: