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UnCategorized When you started your business you acquired everything you thought you’d need to succeed. You bought your office, your desk, your chairs, maybe some decorations for the walls, a .puter, a phone and you were set. But there’s one detail that not every business owner thinks about. This detail is a little overlooked product called stationery! Office stationery should be a staple of any business. Whether you’re into taxidermy or doing taxes, you are going to need paper, pens, staples, lever arch files etc. even businesses which are striving to be paperless still require different types of office stationery to be able to operate effectively on a day to day basis. ‘Going green’ does not mean you will never use office stationery again! It means that you should be looking for .panies which supply stationery items which have been sourced from recycled materials or are actively involved in promoting stationery products which have .e from sustainable sources. The days of businesses never sending out letters and invoices to their customers may be gradually less and yet any large busy office environment will no doubt have a post room despite sending invoices via email! Many .panies also have foot notes on their emails reminding people that no every email needs to be printed, many also make positive use of scrap paper and also have recycling bins or boxes which are to be encouraged. However, when you look at the thousands of stationery products available it is easy to see that it will be many years, if ever, some of these items ever be.e totally redundant and unnecessary. For those who want to make a real impact on their existing and potential customers should also consider having their own .pany stationery. This is not as expensive as you may first image, and is a cost effective method of advertising. The right colour stationery will look attractive to a potential customer and, believe it or not, that colour may cause that customer to choose your business over your .petitors. The font you choose for your stationery is equally important. It’s often a first impulse to want to choose a fancy font, such as something out of the middle ages, or something that looks like calligraphy. You have to be careful not to choose a font that’s hard to read. If someone can’t read your stationery, they’re not going to take the time to decipher it. Instead, they’re going to discard it and it’s going to be.e immediately wiped from their mind. This isn’t want you want. Choose a font that’s easy to read. There are ‘rules’ to abide by when creating .pany stationery, which usually means unless you are a professional you shouldn’t attempted a DIY job, as nine times out of ten it will look amateurish and do your business acumen little good. Instead you should have your office stationery designed by professionals who can create superb quality stationery which shows clients and your .petition that you mean business! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: