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The old driver said the car did not marry the number less than 7 ways to solve the problem – the Sohu has finally reached the number of cars in the car, like the mood at any time in the preparation of the five million and one kind of like in! Always feel that the moment you can touch the tender picture! After a deep breath of two, I press down…… The heart ran across tens of thousands of "Alpaca", still not roll! Want to own a car, but not for a long time, how to do? Today, the old driver for your moves. Purchase of new energy vehicles in Beijing is currently increasing the promotion of new energy vehicles (pure electricity), the new energy vehicles have independent Yaohao pool. It’s a pretty good choice to choose a new energy source at home. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of new energy vehicles. Advantages: Yaohao probability is much higher than that of gasoline vehicles is not limited to line! Car subsidies to save money! One hundred kilometers is about 6 dollars! Tax exemption! Buy new energy vehicles can be exempt from purchase tax, will soon be exempt from many types of tolls. Disadvantages: endurance! At present, the highest mileage vehicles about a full charge of 300 km run, although enough to run in the city, but it is very difficult to run long distance charging! At present, Beijing charging pile coverage is low, many cells can not install charging pile, charging is another headache! Large battery loss! The main cost of new energy vehicles is the battery, the battery after a few years after the loss of large, and the temperature is low, the loss of life. Summary: in short, the new energy vehicles is the best choice for the needs of car shake not on the number and the current population, with the battery technology continues to improve, the performance of the vehicle and life will continue to increase, the future of new energy is the mainstream, first shake a number for a pit is a good choice! Car hire plate at present, the government does not recognize, but the car is protected by law! After a lot of people shake the car, the vehicle is idle, the vehicle will be rented out, but also a long lease, package maintenance and insurance. A lot of car rental companies can also rent a car. Wave number is not, the car is a good choice, but also does not delay yaohao. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the car? Advantages: the same as ordinary cars, in addition to compliance with the tail number limit line, there is no other restrictions. Convenience, rental car, insurance, annual inspection, maintenance and so do not have to worry about their own! Don’t take up a lot of money! General rental are monthly or annual pay, take up a lot of money not all of a sudden. Disadvantages: high prices! Hire a car for a long time, much larger than the cost of buying a car. May not be able to rent their favorite models! Summary: car rental is a good choice, but need to keep up with consumer attitudes. The purchase of foreign vehicle license most shake not on the number of people will choose to buy a foreign car license, although usually more limited, but after all, the weekend is not limited to the line, can drive the car with his family to Beijing driving around, so it is also a good choice. What are the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of the purchase of a foreign license? First said that the foreign license plate restrictions in Beijing: field!相关的主题文章: