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The nurse photographed the patient’s private examination and sent it to the social group to discuss "listen to the voice and see the attitude"". Recently, an article entitled "Yue Nanjiang MCH should nurse patient privacy complaints" everywhere announced net posts in the "politics of Sichuan release caused a great disturbance, a patient’s private photos by a nurse to WeChat group, which was suffering from conditions" ridicule "by netizens, accused of violations of privacy, no occupation morality. "What kind of nurse do you recruit? Can you be a man of character?"" On September 22nd, at 7:55 in the morning, an anonymous netizen in "asked the president of Sichuan government issued a" propaganda Nanjiang Health Hospital, the hospital nurses occupation moral questions. What the hell is going on here? Originally, Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital, a nurse photographed private photos of gynecological examination, after the WeChat group and other people together "discussion", netizens questioned privacy violations, no professional ethics. Complaints network posts attached to several WeChat chat recording screenshot shows that a three year old child is carrying women’s examination of color Doppler ultrasound photographs sent to the group, the instrument shows the woman suffering from gynecological diseases. "It’s disgusting.""…… For a while, a group of voices were heard. It is precisely because these WeChat screenshots caused netizens dissatisfaction, said nurses should do what should be done, rather than to invade other people’s privacy, said later dare not come to the hospital for gynecological examination, hope that the hospital related responsible person to make reasonable answer. It is understood that Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital is a public hospital, each nurse will undergo strict pre job training, protect patient privacy, comply with professional ethics, is the first lesson of training. Why does the patient privacy leak? In this regard, Sichuan online reporter a telephone interview with the Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital, according to the hospital discipline inspection team leader Liao Qi introduced this year, June 27th, on the net posts and complaints WeChat group chats screenshot was first released to the local forum, then broke Nanjiang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital nurses for investigation was informed that the hospital is a pediatric nurse to obstetrics and gynecology on gang when a patient in the gynecological examination, after the photo shoot oiwn micro business WeChat group. According to Liao Qi introduction, the party is a more than 20 year old young man, 2014 entry, is the hospital recruitment personnel. After the incident, when the hospital made a public review at the conference, fined 500 yuan penalty, due to the pressure of their public opinion, offered to resign, leaving the hospital in August. (Sichuan Online China Youth Network) Note: video only for extended reading. The original hospital security to sell pregnant women information, thousands of people were leaked privacy

护士拍摄患者妇检私密照 传到社交群“讨论”  “听得见声音 看得见态度”。近日,一篇名为《南江妇幼保健院岳护士竟然到处公布患者隐私》的投诉网帖在“问政四川”发布后引起轩然大波,一名患者检查的私密照片被护士传到微信群,所患隐疾遭“调侃”,被网友指责侵犯隐私,无职业道德。  “你们招的是些什么护士哦,能有点人品吗?”9月22日,上午7点55分,一名匿名网友在“问政四川”发文喊话南江保健院院长,质疑该院护士无职业道德。这到底是怎么回事呢?原来,南江县妇幼保健院一名护士拍摄妇科患者检查时的私密照片后传到微信群与他人一起“讨论”,被网友质疑侵犯别人隐私、无职业道德。   投诉网帖中附上的几张微信聊天记录截图显示,一名生育了三个孩子的中年妇女正在做妇检彩超的照片发到了群里,仪器上显示该女子患有妇科疾病。“好恶心哦”……,一时间群里传出各种讨论声。正是因为这几张微信截图引起了网友的不满,称护士应该做该做的事,而不是去侵犯别人的隐私,表示以后不敢来该院妇检,希望医院相关负责人作出合理解答。  据了解,南江县妇幼保健院是一所公立医院,每一个护士入职时都会进行严格的岗前培训,保护患者隐私、遵守职业道德更是培训的第一课。那为何会存在患者隐私无端遭泄露事件呢?对此,四川在线记者电话采访了南江县妇幼保健院,据该院纪检组长廖奇介绍,今年,6月27日,关于该投诉网帖及微信群聊天记录截图首次发布到当地论坛,随后,爆出是南江县妇幼保健院护士所为,展开调查获悉,是该院一名儿科护士前往妇产科串岗时遇到一名患者在做妇检,拍摄照片后发布到自己做微商的微信群。   据廖奇介绍,当事人是一名20多岁的年轻人,2014年入职,是医院招聘人员。事发后,医院对当其做出了在大会上公开检讨、罚款500元处罚,后因其舆论压力,主动提出辞职于8月离开医院。(四川在线 中国青年网)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 原医院保安对外兜售孕妇信息 上千人隐私遭泄露相关的主题文章: