The number of people killed in the earthquake in central Italy rose to 281 people cashmere mafia

Central Italy earthquake death toll rose to 281 people – International – Xinhua news agency in Rome on 26 August, (reporter Lorna) as of 26 evening local time, the number of deaths caused by the earthquake in central Italy has risen to 281. The latest Italy civil defense Bureau data show that the earthquake caused 221 deaths ricse amath province of rieti. Accumoli and Tronto River arquata death toll remained at 11 and 49. At present, in the ruins of the earthquake zone in search and rescue personnel have rescued 238 people, 2100 people housed in temporary shelters. Italy civil defense Bureau said, in the most severe amath cut for the affected 15 people are still missing. Although the earthquake has been near the rescue golden 72 hours, the deadline, rescue work is still tense. Amath in cutting mayor Peter Rosie told the media that a bridge two major bridges and out of the city in the early morning of the day for 4.8 aftershocks and become a dangerous bridge, has been forced to close. He said that he is "very worried" another bridge will also collapse, which will cause the rescue channel and out of the city was completely cut off. Italy Prime Minister Lenzi announced the same day in August 27th as a national day of mourning, public places at half mast. He said it would actively organize the reconstruction of the affected areas, so that the reconstruction of the town is safe and traditional. According to the ansa news agency reported that the Italy government announced that it would increase the disaster relief funds. The European Union also announced that it would support Italy’s post disaster reconstruction. 24 am local time, Italy 6 earthquake in central Lazio province of Rieti, since the adjacent area occurred 5.4 earthquake. In addition, Rome, Naples and other places also recorded the occurrence of earthquakes. (commissioning editor: Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章: