The man that can help a person to eat empty rates of attachment to state-owned enterprises in

The man that can help a person to eat empty rates of attachment to state-owned enterprises suspected of fraud was arrested in Guangdong newspaper news (reporter Yang Yu correspondent Ding Qigang Ding Pei) yesterday, on suspicion of fraud, Dongxihu man Lee was arrested by police in Guangdong. The 44 year old unemployed man Lee, who lives in the East and West Lake District, Wuhan River Street office scattered pier village. At the beginning of last October, Lee came to Hankou and Lu Jie 45 year old woman Wang Run shoe store when chatting, claiming to help Wang Dongxihu District Lake is a large state-owned enterprises "or" eat empty rates per month, sitting at home can get 2000 yuan living expenses. See there is such a good thing, Wang relented. October 20, 2015, Lee once again found Wang, claiming that the relationship has been clear, need to rbi. Wang immediately took out 10 thousand yuan for gospel truth, from the bank, Lee asked the copy of ID card, 4, paid registration according to bank card and other relevant information on the same band, Lee came to Dongxihu District of Lishui Lake home district, to see people. Just arrived in the area near the door, Lee will excuse Zhikai Wang, he entered the area. Subsequently, the copy of the ID card provided by Wang, photos and other information to be torn up and thrown into the trash can. Afterwards, just waiting to receive money from the bank card Wang Lee also overjoyed, please eat and drink to celebrate. Since then, Lee has to pay for staff training fees, entry fees, pay the telephone charges on the grounds, successively from the hands of Wang cheated 28950 yuan. Wang’s bank card has not received wages, Lee promised 2000 yuan per month living expenses. Wang repeatedly asked Lee to ask what, Li Moudou to deal with a variety of reasons. In April 17th this year, Wang found Lee’s 4 phones all downtime, at the same time, he was also WeChat Lee pull black. Wang realized that cheated, then report. Dongxihu Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation police Huang Tiansheng, gold and Silver Lake police station after receiving the report, immediately launched an investigation, and many evidence, confirmed Lee suspected fraud, and dispatched to Lee hunt may be settled place. In late October, after class police learned that Lee has fled Guangdong Dongguan area; 8 points yesterday morning, in a Dongguan hotel room 701, the police will be lying in the hotel bed Lee arrested. After preliminary examination, Lee confessed to the facts of the crime, the account had used this technique fraud another woman in Hankou. Currently, on suspicion of fraud, Lee was sentenced to criminal detention.相关的主题文章: