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The India flight mobile phone emergency fire fire smoke incident flight processing – Beijing, Beijing, September 24, according to foreign media reports, local time 23 days this month, India indigotic aviation (IndiGo) mobile phone fire smoke event a flight from Singapore to Chennai flight landed in the morning. According to reports, the company has notified the Civil Aviation Administration of India, Samsung mobile phone manufacturers, said it would further investigate the matter by the relevant departments. The relevant person in charge of the Civil Aviation Administration of India has decided on the 26 day summoned the Samsung, for mobile phone fire problems, at the same time ordered airlines to fire mobile phone to the relevant units in the survey. India Civil Aviation Administration spokesman said the civil aviation administration suggested that passengers must pay attention to bring the Samsung device on the plane, the aircraft should be taken off the Samsung device or do not take the Samsung device to fly together. The spokesman pointed out that the fire of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mobile phone is placed in the overhead locker luggage on board, may be due to the fire smoke and attention, the attendant immediately use the fire extinguisher. Indigo Airlines issued a statement confirmed by Indigo Airlines 6E-054 from Singapore to Chennai flight passengers, found that day of smoke from the cabin locker out, immediately notify the machine over the flight attendants, flight attendants to check, confirm the locker seat 23C above some smoke wafting, immediately notify the captain, the captain immediately to the aviation ground control tower warning. The statement said that the flight attendants in accordance with the regulations, first arrange smoking passengers at the transfer seat, and the use of fire extinguishers in accordance with standard operating procedures for aircraft manufacturer, the container of the mobile phone into the fire and smoke in the toilet water. The report also said that due to the discovery of the phone when the fire smoke is landing, the last flight is still safe landing Chennai airport, passengers are also in accordance with the normal procedure of the machine. It is reported that India had ordered the General Administration of civil aviation passengers before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone on the machine, you must shut down during the flight.相关的主题文章: