The H Hotel event when the woman that will give a fair verdict-mia farrow

The H Hotel event when the woman: believe Yi and hotel photography trainee reporter Wang Tianqi in April 3rd this year to give a fair verdict of events, video surveillance and cheek hotel events, restore the integrity of the victim curved by drag process field figure in early April of this year, a woman (a pseudonym) returned to Beijing 798 area and Yi the hotel, was a strange man drag. The video of this event is widely disseminated in the network, becoming a hot event. After the incident, the Beijing police arrested the man arrested. According to the police, Lee often in the hotel issued a small card trick prostitute, and introduce prostitution. On the day of the incident, Moumou mistakenly think that the woman is also curved peers, to grab business, so only dragged the curved. Yesterday, Li Moumou suspected of prostitution introduced a case in the Chaoyang Court heard in public, not in court for sentencing, prosecutors recommended sentencing of 1 to 3 years. The prosecutor said, Li Moumou suspected of prostitution introduced, and a drag behavior did not cause a minor injuries and more consequences, nor the armed attack curved, and therefore does not constitute the crime of intentional injury and disturb the crime. The woman and the Yi hotel was dragging sparked public debate in early April of this year, a female net friend borrow Qingming holiday come to visit Beijing in April 3rd, she returned to the hotel at 10:30 in the evening, came to the room where the floor. When a strange man came to ask a room in which two people do not know, a strange man refused to answer, after the rejection began to pull the curved, and take the neck pinch and pull hair to stop for a. A hotel cleaning found this situation and stepped forward to discourage, curved opportunity alarm. The man was left in place to make a phone call, and blocked the curved away, the man saw more and more people to stop him, then leave the hotel. Curved later view the surveillance video, found that the man has been wandering outside the hotel, found bent into the hotel after all the way along. The evening of April 7th, the Beijing police in Henan Province, the 24 year old man arrested Lee, who was arrested at the age of. Woman H Hotel attack video spread in the network, causing a lot of concern, has become the focus of the events of the time, this event is also derived from multiple angles on the public. The micro-blog has said, the whole process lasted five or six minutes, in a full camera place, without any security personnel and rescue. This raises concerns about the security of the hotel for users, in addition, there are a lot of friends to explore the safety of women, and how to protect themselves in the event of infringement. The parties issued a small card trick prostitute suspected undercut occurred woman and cheek Hotel drag attack video spread in the network, causing a large number of users has become the focus of attention, at the time of the event. Li Moumou involved with the men do not know, Why drag and bend? Recently, Chaoyang procuratorate sued Lee, according to Chaoyang procuratorate indictment disclosed, Lee from the beginning of October 2015, has been in the vicinity of Beijing city Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao 798 H Hotel and Panjiayuan area near the Fasthotel issued a small card trick prostitute, in March 2016, in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao 798 and Yi Hotel, has two introduction prostitutes Moumou prostitution to hubei. According to Lee’s own Qi相关的主题文章: