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The Grand Theatre "tragedy" 400 Anniversary Show "ballet drama" Sina entertainment news in Shakespeare’s death this special year, all over the world stage in various forms in memory of the great writer. In November 3rd the National Theatre [micro-blog] Dance Festival ushered in a movie based on the ballet — "Savon masterpiece adaptation of Romeo and Juliet", the German Stuttgart ballet and China National Ballet Orchestra to show the audience a dance feast. Ballet "Romeo and Juliet" is the director of ballet master John Cranko masterpiece, he broke the old pattern of stylized ballet performances, make dramatic maximum in ballet, "ballet drama" to a new height. Now the Cranko version of "Romeo and Juliet" has become a lot of ballet group including Milan Grand Theatre ballet, Australian Ballet, classical repertoire, but the most authentic presentation of this work is also the original debut in 1962 of the Stuttgart ballet drama. When the curtain slowly opened, people suddenly seemed to cross the Italy town of Verona in sixteenth Century. The stone streets quiet first rays of the morning sun, with sky light gradually, the town began to gradually filled with the flavor of life. As Reed, director of the dance group, said: "for the audience, the stage lights lit up, everything began, you do not need to know anything, everything will appear on the stage in the." The night of the show by the chief dance star David Moore and Lisa Budd. Nice starred actress, two beautiful appearance, exquisite performance skills, young dancers’ precise and rigorous showing the role of Savon in the original sense of age. Two people in their interpretation, Blanco dance is like the fountain of smooth and full of vigour, full of passion, a pair of female modal behaved most incisive to the stage filled with youthful love sweet flavor, very powerful. The play has always been the most commendable is the three love Romeo and Juliet dance. Masquerade first met the heroine, nervous and shy to conceal the heart throb, but due to the party environment every Chuanqingdayi with stealthy Dodge, beneath the surface of inner undercurrents, choreographed to see classical ballet stylized shadow, but new, superb technical action it is as the acme of perfection no trace into them, even after half a century today still seems to be a very creative. The most famous is "the balcony when the pas de deux", a dance music just sounded, "know" the Beijing audience has sent a warm applause. If when you see the arena ballet virtuoso audience because of sensual fun and excitement, so when this period of feeling when the audience is staged dance really appreciate a surging from the bottom of my heart. When the sun and pure Romeo dressed in a long red silk run riot in the arena, that touch of elegant big red is like Taiwan under every audience lit heart brought together. It is reported that)相关的主题文章: