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The foreman and into the building materials business, he wanted to do the field of decoration Department Stores – Sohu science and technology article small table new media reporter Huang Yao Qi Wenyuan for nearly two years, the Internet Jiezhuang companies in this area into a variety of positions. In addition to home improvement information matching platform Tuba rabbit, regulating the family network and building materials group purchase platform, starting from the designer of the snail home network, cool Kellogg, 3 space, starting from the construction of the network is favored, and home improvement O2O model space, Vanke family chain of love. Although the play is different, but generally can be summarized as the vertical type. Vertical type is mainly the whole package of home improvement services to sell, the advantage of this model is a high degree of standardization, high customer price, high margin. But for the strong demand for customized home field, which also led to the high cost of passengers, to 100 users, may pay only 4, 5. In addition, the vertical decoration to wait until after the completion of the entire renovation cycle can be completed. The Internet platform Jiezhuang companies like a large department store, the whole category, providing personalized, one-stop service, users can find the construction team, designers, building materials, furniture and decoration of all relevant resources in the above. The advantage of this model is the relatively low cost of passengers, the platform to make a short cycle of money, the merchant prepaid expenses, but each customer is lower than the vertical margin. 2 years ago, the establishment of the final choice of the latter 3 space. Since October 2014 officially launched, the 3 space has been incorporated into the foreman, designers, building materials and other resources, to establish a mechanism through the Internet platform, open to all participants in the chain of home improvement, the entire renovation process, and save money. Founder Zhang Lei told the small table, the platform has brought together 10 thousand foreman, has 40 thousand registered users, 100 million water platform last year. Looking for building materials sector in May this year, after the line, currently in Beijing has more than and 300 local manufacturers, more than 50 kinds of building materials, completed nearly a million transactions. The foreman ranking in February last year, the $10 million A round of financing 3 space IDG, Gao Rong capital investment. From the "foreman" starting platform before the start, Zhang Lei is the technical director of IBM global business solution center project. The two is not a happy decoration experience, so that he saw the inefficient management of the industry, as well as various aspects of the opaque. In 2014, he resigned from IBM’s work, returned to the founder of the 3 space. At the beginning, Zhang Lei is going to make a platform foreman. Decoration owners released on App demand, near the foreman can receive this type of information, and the main industry docking. In addition, the foreman can through the App project management and sharing. Launched in October 2014, to the end of the year, 3 space has accumulated thousands of foreman, hundreds of orders per month set decoration. With the construction team to run the project, the owners have begun to put forward more requirements, and the vast majority of demand in the floor, tiles and other building materials. Zhang Lei realized that a complete renovation down, also relates to building materials, design and so on, the owners of the consumption potential in about 200 thousand, if only the foreman, greatly wasted cashability..相关的主题文章: