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The Five Mile River village of Hebei Cixian: the construction of school – Hebei Channel – rushing down the original title: go grassroots school? – flood reconstruction visit construction rushing down the road five in Cixian — from the simple village of river gravel paving, river gravel pile, after the collapse of the building walls…… In October 3rd, reporters once again into the river in five villages of Cixian Tao Quan Xiang, although the floods had receded, but the flood ravaged traces still everywhere. The school buildings and walls were destroyed by floods, and the school building reconstruction project started in August 22nd." In the five river in Southern Village, a two storey main building project is nearing completion, a dozen workers have pushed the car carrying material, some tied reinforcement, the construction site from time to time came a tinkling sound. "A total investment of more than 130 yuan, the construction area of 400 square meters, completed by the end of November this year, to ensure the completion of flood resisting schools." After the project started, the village Party branch secretary Zhao Jinwen has been accustomed to turn around the site every day. He told reporters, in order to ensure the quality and safety of school buildings, the county housing, construction and planning departments to carry out a strict demonstration of the site, and ultimately selected the distance from the river more than 100 meters, higher terrain plains. Also pay special attention to the construction of the school and the village primary school teacher Zhao Xuerong, 55 year old teacher Zhao has taught for 30 years in the village primary school. After the flood, watching the severely damaged school buildings, she quietly shed tears several times, hoping that the new school would be built as soon as possible. After the autumn begins, the children are arranged to a temporary teaching point, borrowed from the 3 idle houses of the villagers." Zhao Xuerong said the students would pass the construction site every day, and a few days ago, when she told the students that they would move into the new school building at the end of this year, many children would happily jump up. Not only is the new school building by the river village at top speed, five main street in the County Department of transportation construction will soon be rebuilt, 1.2 km long Hu Cun dam has completed the exploration and design. "The reconstruction project construction standard is higher, disaster prevention ability is stronger, the new home is not only more beautiful, but also more solid."." Zhao Jinwen said emotionally, the flood is not terrible, as long as all work, the Five Mile River’s tomorrow will certainly be better! Reporter (reporter Liu Jianying) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)

河北磁县五里河村:建造冲不垮的学校–河北频道–人民网 原标题:走基层?洪水灾区重建回访 建造冲不垮的学校 ――发自磁县五里河村   碎石铺设的简易道路,河道内堆积的砾石,房屋倒塌后的残垣断壁……10月3日,记者再次走进磁县陶泉乡五里河村,虽然洪水早已退去,但洪魔肆虐的痕迹仍随处可见。   “洪水冲毁了学校的校舍、围墙,8月22日校舍重建工程开工。”在五里河村村南,一栋两层楼房主体工程已接近尾声,十几名工人有的推着小车运送物料,有的绑钢筋,施工现场不时传出叮叮当当的响声。   “总投资130余万元,建筑面积400余平方米,今年11月底竣工,确保建成洪水冲不垮的学校。”工程开工后,村党支部书记赵金文已习惯了每天围着工地转一圈。他告诉记者,为确保校舍质量安全,县住建、规划等部门对选址进行了严格论证,最终选定了这处距河道100多米、地势较高的平地。   同样特别关注学校建设的还有村办小学教师赵学荣,55岁的赵老师已在村小学任教30多年。洪灾过后,看着被严重损毁的校舍,她几度悄悄落泪,一直盼望着新学校早日建好。“秋季开学后,孩子们被安排到一处临时教学点,借用的是村民的3间闲置房屋。”赵学荣说,学生们每天上学都会路过施工现场,前几天她告诉学生们今年底将搬进新校舍时,很多孩子都高兴地蹦了起来。   不仅是新学校建设快马加鞭,由成安县交通部门援建的五里河村主街道很快将重修,长1.2公里的护村坝也已完成勘查设计。“各项重建工程建设标准更高、防灾能力更强,新家园不仅更美,而且更坚固。”赵金文动情地说,洪灾并不可怕,只要敢拼实干,五里河的明天一定更美好!□(记者刘剑英)    (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: