The first China ASEAN commercial arbitration Cooperation Forum held in Haikou running man 20130908

The first commercial arbitration Chinese ASEAN Cooperation Forum held in Haikou – Beijing, China News Agency, Haikou, September 20 (Hong Jianpeng Zhang Qianyi) the first Chinese ASEAN Commercial Arbitration Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "forum") 20 in Hainan Province, held in Haikou City, on behalf of Chinese and ASEAN countries, the legal profession and the business community together Tang, research to build a "The Belt and Road initiative under the platform of China ASEAN cooperation commercial arbitration. Said Vice Chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the legal committee, Chinese law China Zhang Mingqi speech, this year is the 25 anniversary of the establishment of dialogue between China and ASEAN, Chinese – ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) built 6 anniversary. With the "The Belt and Road" to promote the construction, deepen China and ASEAN Economic and trade exchanges, the scale of investment in the expansion of trade, overseas investment increased, resulting in commercial disputes will be more and more. Zhang Mingqi suggested that the forum should promote the establishment of ASEAN "China Belt and Road Initiative initiative under the commercial dispute arbitration mechanism for China enterprises to" go out "and ASEAN enterprises" going out "to solve problems; and focus on cultivating excellent talents of the arbitration and selection; to establish a mechanism of rules of arbitration system and operation characteristics of Chinese and ASEAN the state, and enhance its in international and regional affairs and voice and influence; to carry out normalization, targeted legal research and communication, improve the quality and level of legal services. According to the deputy governor of Hainan province Lu Junhua introduction, Hainan attaches great importance to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with ASEAN countries, as of September 2016, Hainan and ASEAN counties and related provinces established 11 pairs of sister city, there are about 3000000 Chinese Joan distribution in the ASEAN countries, the friends of the city and overseas Chinese as one of Hainan and ASEAN important bridge and link. Lu Junhua said, hope that the convening of the forum for China and among ASEAN countries to strengthen cooperation, enhance mutual trust and consensus provides a new platform, give full play to the legal think-tank experts and scholars of intellectual support advantages, highlighting the theme of economic cooperation, continue to deepen Chinese with ASEAN countries in trade, culture, tourism, marine and other areas of cooperation. Huanyu China ASEAN Legal Cooperation Center Director, director of the Hainan Arbitration Commission Chinese Stevenson keynote speech said that with the investment China with ASEAN countries and the development of mutually beneficial cooperation, bilateral trade in 2015 amounted to $472 billion 160 million, bilateral investment totaled US $150 billion. "To the end of 2015, Chinese enterprises in ASEAN set up more than more than 5 thousand enterprises, distribution in the fields of electric power, water conservancy, transportation, mining and so on, the emergence of a large number of economic disputes can not be avoided, so Chinese companies with huge potential demand for arbitration in ASEAN countries." Shi said, but the business model of the ASEAN countries and institutions know little about the need to establish a platform for commercial arbitration cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. The forum, Kampuchea, Malaysia and Chinese respectively reached a commercial arbitration agreement of strategic cooperation, promote the construction of ASEAN "China Belt and Road Initiative" commercial dispute resolution mechanism. Ross Mourning, chairman of Kampuchea National Commercial Arbitration Center相关的主题文章: