The Chengdu online sellers do false chain disguised as sell dried fish do

The Chengdu online sellers do false chain disguised as sell dried fish do false in September 4th, a trip from Chengdu to the northwest of the tourist train, the number of tourists was found using fake disability certificate, identity card and other documents, caused widespread media attention. These false come from? Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter for the network selling false phenomenon was investigated, as you uncover the selling false chain. On Taobao, if the direct input student ID, will show that according to the laws and regulations can not display the relevant baby". However, there are still a lot of people wearing a vest selling false, they will be false disguised as "fish" and "Cordyceps" and other items, after the consumer goods, which began trading. The "deceitful" fish "and" false Cordyceps "is through the online search to the number, one claiming to do" student card "users to contact the reporter, each other to produce a list of schools, including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, northeast and other regions of the University, a total of 26 universities. The netizen said, "student card" 40 yuan a can, with a magnetic stripe and buy train tickets, "disability certificate" is a little expensive, the price of 200 yuan. When asked how to pay, the other said, Taobao shopping on the line, the reporter said to buy, the other said he would modify the price, and can not have any message. According to the links provided by him, the reporter opened to see a Taobao shop selling Cordyceps, the cumulative comments up to 178 times, in addition to comments on Cordyceps, there are people who said, can not be used, very sad". Subsequently, the reporter contacted another, this link is selling fish to dry, a lot of people inside the comment "save a lot of money, you know, all the praise, even commented," can buy half price tickets, easy to use". Further reading: Chengdu 5 new immigration processing service the most convenient guide the residents of Sichuan province released the new identity card off-site accreditation in November began a comprehensive Chengdu job trap: first pay 400 yuan fee and pay 1500 yuan a permit fee of a Sichuan tour group of more than and 40 people 11 people using false Guangyuan police cracked large manufacturing and selling false false case seized 2.8 tons of "customer service service" QQ group discussion method in use false buy permits, businesses have a customer service service system, in the QQ group to discuss how to fill out the "student card", scenic usage in the group folder, there are various schools to fill method, the most downloaded reached 36 second, there are also at least 3 times, open a student card to fill in the reference, which details how to fill in your name Professional, student number, format, "if incorrectly, don’t alter". Group or even summed up the student ID card can be used attractions, such as what attractions can enjoy student card concessions, attractions generally do not check ID card, if you can forget to say". However, in order to solve this problem, businesses also provide fake ID, a set of 260 yuan can be down. In a group of more than and 300 people, there are people to join the consultation, a 23 year old man began to join after consultation, "after graduating students Huai相关的主题文章: