The central region of Chile 6.4 earthquake was felt strongly in the capital restorator

The central region of Chile 6.4 earthquake was felt strongly in the original title: capital area in central Chile 6.4 earthquake occurred in November 4, Xinhua news agency, Santiago (reporter Leng Tong) in central Chile 4 earthquake occurred 6.4, the capital of Santiago felt strongly. There are no reports of casualties or property damage. According to the University of Chile seismological service bureau news, the earthquake occurred on the 4 day at 13:20 local time (Beijing time at 0:00 on the 5 to 20 points), magnitude 6.4, epicenter located in the seventh district Mawulaishi 38 kilometers southeast of the focal depth of 87.5 km. The earthquake lasted more than a minute, Santiago felt very strongly in the office, the reporter clearly felt the house shaking badly. Earthquake did not cause communication or network disruption. Chile’s national emergency office said the earthquake caused no damage to infrastructure or casualties. Chile’s office of hydrology and oceanography emergency services said in a brief statement that the quake does not have the conditions to trigger a tsunami. Chile is an earthquake prone country. In September 16, 2015, Chile 8.2 earthquake occurred in the north central region, and 7 large areas, resulting in 15 deaths, 16 thousand people were affected, nearly thousands of houses were damaged. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: