The Bank of Wenzhou a loan innovation of personal mortgage

The Bank of Wenzhou "a loan innovation of personal mortgage loan bank of Wenzhou recently launched" a personal mortgage loan business loans, loans for up to 11 years, which broke the previous bank personal mortgage practices of one to three years, a period of ten years is innovation of individual bank individual mortgage products. Loan amount, up to 10 million yuan. Mr. Chen runs a decorating shop in downtown Wenzhou, the business is very good, and worked in Shanghai and other places to buy real estate. Due to business investment demand, Mr. Chen’s family has nearly ten million yuan of bank loans, although the monthly income of the family is not difficult to repay the loan interest, but every year to repay the principal, the financial pressure is not small. Recently, with the introduction of the Bank of Wenzhou 11 years of personal mortgage business, Mr. Chen successfully handled the loan period of 120 months, the loan amount of $4 million 500 thousand personal mortgage business. This solves the problem that he has to break through the money every year. Every year to renew the need for temporary dismantling, the actual use of funds is often less than a year, not only trouble and interest payments are also large. A loan is a good solution to my problem." Mr. Chen said. According to the Bank of Wenzhou staff introduction, the borrower will own the name of the property in the form of collateral to the Bank of Wenzhou to apply for comprehensive credit, credit lines can be recycled, with the loan with the loan. Compared with the traditional loan business, the product highlights the "application for simple procedures, characteristic of high number of mortgage, the long duration of the loan, his living, low interest costs", comprehensive advantages, both to meet the daily needs of capital turnover, but also can play the role of preparing emergency funds. In addition, the loan is not only for the Wenzhou area real estate, covering a wide range of Wenzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, Quzhou, Lishui, commercial housing can handle. At the same time, flexible repayment methods, choose a monthly payment of interest, maturity matching service, matching the principal repayment amount, agreement etc.. When the borrower is sufficient funds, but also to pay off the loan in advance, reduce financing costs.相关的主题文章: