The air force spokesman f 20 will debut next year Zhuhai airshow Service – Sohu Military

The air force spokesman: F 20 will be unveiled at the Zhuhai air show next year service – Sohu global network of military military channel in October 28th reported: this morning, Chinese RAF China airshow held a press conference in Beijing. The conference by the air force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke said the air force test pilot driving fighter -20 stealth fighter in the Eleventh China airshow flight display. Deputy director of bureau of Air Force combat staff Colonel Wang Kun; deputy director of bureau of air force training staff Colonel Jiang Mingqiu; deputy director of the Bureau of air force Cadet Colonel Xiao Dong; director of bureau of comprehensive plan of equipment department of Air Force Colonel Wang Zhonghua; deputy director of the air force equipment department of Aviation Equipment Research Bureau Zhang Tianfei attended the conference. According to JINGWAH times, this morning, JINGWAH air force ninety-seventh Times reporter from the press conference was informed that the previous rumors of F 20 raise a Babel of criticism of the stealth fighter, China will be unveiled at the Zhuhai airshow, the air force pilots will drive 20 fighter first flight display. At present, 20 f fourth generation of domestic aircraft development is advancing according to plan, it will be helpful to improve the air force to safeguard national sovereignty and security.相关的主题文章: