The 16302nd phase Danma forecast Fucai 3D Bo 05 8- Sohu

The 16302nd phase: Danma forecast Fucai 3D 8- Sohu 3D Bo 05 welfare lottery lottery results 2016301st period: 572, large size, odd parity combination, and a value of 14, span 5, the sales of 42545742 yuan, in the direct election of 31089, the group selected 41279 note, 2016302 lottery 3D forecast: review and Analysis on the tail of 4 the span of 5: nearly 10 of Danma number 8 appears 3 times, the historical record and number 0, number 5 associated frequently, the bile of 058; and the tail tail analysis: nearly 5 and 7-2-9-3-4 respectively, and the tail value decimal covering, the recommendation and the tail 347; span analysis: nearly 5 span for 6-5-5-8-5, the small amplitude optimistic, recommended span 289; positioning analysis: 100 value even recommended 058; ten bit value decimal recommended 137; a recommended value even number 469; next recommendation: bile Code: 058-58-8 and tail: 347 span: 289 positioning analysis: 058137469 straight group selection analysis: 012022049058059086 089535575879相关的主题文章: