The 120 anniversary of Sichuan University alumni at home and abroad a double grand ceremony

The 120 anniversary of Sichuan University alumni at home and abroad together – a festival in Sichuan province to build a school of world-class university and start the celebration of the 120 anniversary celebration scene Sichuan celebration scene in September 29th, with the pace of the times, bearing the national hope, through 120 years of ups and downs of the Sichuan University (scores, professional settings) ushered in the 120 anniversary of the founding of the school. Today morning, the sea inside and outside Sichuan alumni, school teachers and leaders at all levels, guests and friends from all circles have a joyous gathering, grand ceremony, with a double Bainian Mu glory, together with the aftertaste of Sichuan University for 120 years glorious history, a new journey to witness the Sichuan Province, Chengdu City, to build a world-class university Sichuan University open. Sichuan University from the Sichuan University, Chengdu University of Science and Technology, Huaxi Medical University, three national key university in 1994 and 2000 after the two merged into Chinese is directly under the Ministry of education, Chinese layout in the west, the "985 Project" and "211 Project" key construction of the high level research university, is a pioneer in the new period Chinese University and school system reform, but also China’s oldest, largest and highest level of education of the university. 120 years, Sichuan University has gathered the mathematician Ke Zhao, botanist Fang Wenpei, writer Li Jieren, chemical engineering expert Zhang Hongyuan and great masters, cultivate people’s literary giant Guo Moruo, writer Ba Jin, "two bombs and one satellite" fathers Wang Fangding, modern obstetrics and Gynecology pioneer Le Yicheng and a large number of countries and national leaders, for the country, trained more than 70 all kinds of talents for the west, has nearly a hundred academicians or cultural celebrities. In the past ten years, more than 60% graduates choose to stay in the West Sichuan year. In the new historical period, Sichuan University established the goal of building a first-class university and the "three step" development strategy. Today’s Sichuan University is moving toward the grand goal of building a world class university. In the morning of the meeting, the president of the Sichuan University academician Xie Heping, previously, provincial school has signed to build a world-class university strategic agreement, in order to better explore the China Western University building world-class university road, Sichuan University hired a world-famous scientist, educator, social activist and entrepreneur set up international development strategy consulting the Council, yesterday (28 days) held its first meeting, at the same time, the establishment of the global alumni Entrepreneurs Association, this afternoon will be released by the global alumni donations, funded the establishment of 2 billion yuan of "double fund", the land donated 100 million yuan construction of Sichuan Frontier Medical Building, Chengdu high tech Zone will invest 10+1 billion yuan support the establishment of "double Sichuan" special funds, "collaborative innovation incubator fund" and "innovation venture investment fund" The Blu ray group, invested 2 billion yuan to set up a "double – Sichuan Blue fund", Beijing Dongtu technology company donated 100 million yuan to set up Sichuan China Education Fund etc.. Xie Heping said that the purpose of the foundation is: encourage and support university students, outstanding young world to Sichuan, come to Chengdu innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the ICBC Sichuan branch to provide 12 billion yuan to set up a pair of Sichuan Tao相关的主题文章: