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The Tengzhou Education Bureau of serious misconduct net exposure Tengzhou a kindergarten education in Tengzhou – Sohu suspected formaldehyde exceed the standard of morality and Kang Park children’s body harm of formaldehyde exceed the standard of Tengzhou City Bureau of education? If you have regulatory responsibility? This is not malfeasance? Tengzhou Tak Chi Kang educational institutions in formaldehyde exceed the standard, harmful to the health of children. The indoor formaldehyde detection instrument is 4 times more than the national standard, it is reported that the educational institutions just finished let children settled, some of the children appeared unwell, asthma, skin allergies and other conditions, parents expressed concern. Many leaders attended the opening ceremony of the school? Please leaders now advocate social condemnation of what is most important is healthy?. If a person is not healthy so we can do what, what about the future? Here is a netizen readme: Black kindergarten, Tengzhou Tak Chi Kang harm the health of children, the formaldehyde serious exceed the standard save the children, don’t be deceived, but also the health of my child!!! I want to ask you why is Tengzhou Education Bureau eat? The kindergarten is a child of the starting point of the dream, but here we see a kindergarten is irresponsible attitude, life is sometimes very fragile, the blink of an eye will have nothing at all, we can not because of regulatory suck lose the important things in life, so please give us a a reply, we need your answer, we hope to see a satisfactory answer相关的主题文章: