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Tencent to join the venture program Wars: War really or watching the show? 10 years ago, a "win in China" reality show opened entrepreneurship TV program of the big screen, the screen become entrepreneurs entrepreneurship China a unique existence, some of them by participating in the TV program for investment and its products are the user know. However, these people and programs also suffered questioned, telling stories, selling miserable, exaggerated performance, and the enterprise need to work seemingly misfits. So, the entrepreneurial reality show how far away from the real war? Entrepreneurship is to be profitable gaming business became a national topic, CCTV and local stations have occasion launched a entrepreneurship program, originally hiding in the office and cafe entrepreneurs and investors have entered the public view. Recently, by the Tencent public record space, Hainan Ecological Software Park and Zhejiang satellite TV to launch business reality show "I" is the founder of the founder of the flagship program launched, "inter generational struggle", let entrepreneurs before the team of young entrepreneurs "and" wave team "in the program of the collision point of view, and the introduction of confrontation and elimination mechanism. Vice president of Tencent and show producer Lin Songtao told reporters that the program selection of young entrepreneurs is mainly to see the two, is a company in the industry have a certain visibility and strength, the two is the founder of itself has a good screen performance. But Lin Songtao refers to the elimination of storytelling, worse than". The founder of an early investment fund, told reporters that he was invited to participate in a TV reality show business, but recorded a period to stop recording, "pure performing too many things, a waste of time for investors." The ratings oriented TV programs and profit oriented real war, whether it can establish some common? In the "Kai TERT story" founder Wang Kai, even if the game will be the policy, the first problem is how a single point of breakthrough startups will face, how to break with the depth, how to set up barriers; and entrepreneurship is a game, but is a founder of investment must go after telling myself profitable game. Tencent open platform strategy Tencent has released the 2016 innovation and entrepreneurship white paper predicts that by the end of 2016, the number of public space in China or more than 4000. Tencent public space is facing huge competition. Lin Songtao said that the joint venture Tencent to create such a business reality show, is a new step in the creation of public space Tencent open strategy. Lin Songtao introduction, five years, Tencent open strategy has experienced from the flow of openness, to the ability to open, and then to the evolution of ecological opening. He believes that the Internet industry has entered the stage of ecological competition, Tencent has 800 million WeChat users and 900 million QQ users, the entrance effect is increasingly evident. Only the resources, the ability to open out, Tencent can maintain the lead in the second half of the competition. However, the October 27th data show that premiered on the same day, CSM52 City ratings, the show outside the top 30. Even in similar programs, the ratings are not ideal. Dong Mingzhu claimed to be the director of low Eq.相关的主题文章: