Taiwan tour bus fire incident victims awarded 1 million 420 thousand yuan per person-cagliari exchange

Taiwan tour bus fire incident victims: awarded 1 million 420 thousand yuan per person according to the publication of the transportation department of Xinhua news agency, radio 16, 7· 19 "fire Tour event compensation. 23 of the victims and the families of 24 victims in the industry reached a settlement, each of the victims have included "compulsory automobile liability insurance" passengers liability insurance "and" passenger transport passenger transport insurance "and" travel insurance ", 6 million 640 thousand yuan (NT $1 million 425 thousand. Yuan) claims, has completed the transfer of compensation. Taiwan transportation departments of 16 issued a press release said that the families of victims reached a settlement in 22 of the families of the victims claim documents required by the SEF after the completion of verification, by the insurance company to be completed early this month in the remittance. There are more than 1 families of the victims due to lack of relevant documents to the insurance company claims, is unable to complete the remittance. Transportation department has instructed the Bureau for assistance, to obtain documents and text books after verification, the insurance company can compensate for continued and remittances. People claim another 1 victims with the industry reached a settlement, the insurance company is "compulsory automobile liability insurance" part of the first payment of 2 million yuan. At noon on July 19th, a Liaoning tour tour bus ride serious accident and fire in Taiwan Taoyuan, killing 26 people were killed, including 24 mainland tourists. In September 10th, Taiwan Taoyuan prosecutors announced this serious accident investigation results, the Taiwanese driver Su Mingcheng, drunk driving, spilled gasoline, fire and burned the car Dutch act, the other passengers and tour guide. Because Su Mingcheng has died, involving drunk driving, arson, murder and other crimes, do not prosecute punishment. Taiwan Transportation Department said, Liaoning tours for the burning vehicle accident caused many deaths, once again expressed regret and condolences, will continue the construction of security trusted environment for tourism, will fully protect the rights of tourists to taiwan.相关的主题文章: