Taiping island is now a large mysterious building Taiwan Sea Patrol response (Figure) creditcard.ccb.com

The island is now a large mysterious building in Taiwan "Sea Patrol agency response (Figure) data figure: Taiping Island appeared large mysterious building original title: Taiping Island mysterious structure Taiwan Tour Department: involving confidential comment on the Kuomintang" lawmaker "Jiang Qi Chen July led government and legislators to Taiping Island visual guide," at that time the plane had a legislative flight around the island, Jiang Qi Chen machine up across the board since the porthole in the northwest side of the island coast, four three claw type structures in the sea side view (red arrow head), clearly presented on the mobile phone camera. (Jiang Qichen the "Legislative Yuan" office for map) Taiping Island large mysterious building Taiping Island large building Chinese mysterious Taiwan network September 19th news according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, Taiping Island satellite map software Google Earth recently updated figure, was found the mysterious structure in the northwest side of the island. Taiwan authorities, the coast guard today (19), said the Taiping island belongs to the military, involving defense secrets, inconvenience comment. According to reports, Google Earth recently updated Taiping Island air map, the emergence of a mysterious structure, looks like the four wave of the block, with the actual size of the wave absorber is much larger than the size. Comparison of the empty shot last year, there is no such structure, causing social discussion, whether the new military facilities. Taiwan authorities "coast guard that belongs to the Taiping Island military areas, many of the island’s defense equipment, secrets can not be leaked, so do not comment on this or that, but also hope the public not to speculate.相关的主题文章: