Steampunk MMORPG masterpiece phantom beta

Steampunk MMORPG masterpiece "phantom" today online Steampunk MMORPG masterpiece "phantom" will be held today at 11:00 on the morning of November 3rd opened the first dual platform beta does not delete files. Want to experience the most brilliant magic and industrial Steampunk style games, enjoy the perfect PVP and PVE play fusion, real-time multiplayer siege ambition their zest. What are you waiting for? Come and join us! A lot of war fighting gameplay experience pleasure "eidolon" stories interwoven in dazzling magic and steam punk era, dark pagan blitz beautiful, the flames of war, the Warriors must take up arms to defend their homes! The game includes real-time PK play lots of passion, such as siege warfare, Wangcheng, Indiana, the world BOSS pinnacle of hegemony and ultimate challenge and so on, up to twenty PVP& the PVE is bound to play game player to experience the most exciting fighting experience. To create amazing self dyeing pinched face go refused to mediocrity, show beautiful self, can the big transformation of the default game player image! In the image editing interface, eyes, mouth, face, hair, glasses, clothing, decorative decoration face and head up to eight parts of all is to transform the place, game player can personally create a gentle nurse sister, pure high school students, artificial maid and even a spoof image. Thousands of people face, unique shape without limitations! To create a fair economic system in the items "eidolon" within the game world, life occupation with cooks, witches, artisans, alchemists and treasure hunters, choose the occupation game player can not only enjoy the simple leisure life, but also a director for the warriors on the battlefield to create a large number of weapons and props, as soon as possible to help them regain ideal home! In addition, part of the game during the fall of non binding items can also flow between players to achieve fair and free trading purposes. Come and join the "phantom" official QQ group 458115957 to receive exclusive gifts, and other warriors exchange game experience! Or pay attention to the official micro-blog or WeChat "phantom of mobile phone game" can also receive exclusive custom package, not regular will drop all kinds of welfare oh!相关的主题文章: