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Arts-and-Entertainment Going in the opposite direction of the World Wide Web’s "global .munity" – in which countless, faceless cyber friends interact – much narrower networks representing streets and apartments are rising as "Nethoods". And these new .munities not only promote face-to-face interaction but also offer a new type of convenient marketing. "Because residents in any given area usually have a similar in.e range, it makes it easier for marketers to target consumers", said Lim Mi-kyung, who owns a small high-end jewelry business. "Posting ads on neighborhoods’ online blogs invites many at-home shoppers, and they usually end up being return customers". The term "Nethoods" was coined by Trendwatching.., a Netherlands-based consumer trend-tracking agency, as an opportunity for smart urban entrepreneurs and an "ultimate and most intimate environment for marketing neighborhood specific branches, services and goods". The trend watcher added that the new social web has been growing in major metropolitan cities, including New York, London and Sydney. "Imagine being able to check if the video you want is in before you go to the store, making reservations at a corner restaurant, or participating in a .munity board meeting from your own living room", say the founders of billburg.., an online .munity for Williamsburg residents in New York. Locally, many Seoul area towns – including Dongbu Ichon-dong, Banpo and Jamwon – that tend to have active housewives maintain dynamic blogs with up-to-date neighborhood news, events and "for sale" boards. And some .munities break down to even smaller units through apartment links. "Residents seem to frequent the Web site for house meeting updates, as working moms and dads don’t have time to attend the gatherings themselves", said Ho Jung-min of the Jamwon Dong-A Apartments in southern Seoul. She added that nearby shop owners occasionally post ads on the Web and seem to secure a solid consumer base. "The upside is that you actually bump into these people face to face as you walk down your neighborhood streets", Ho said. Lim, the jewelry maker, said she enjoys "Nethood" marketing because word spreads fast. "A lot of the moms really .municate with one another on a minute to minute basis, so if something is worth buying, they’ll definitely get in touch", she said. Apart from the business side, many neighbors also credit the social ring as an icebreaker. "I didn’t know anyone when I first moved here, but even with my shy personality, I was able to make friends through the site and meet them at our corner coffee shop. It’s nothing shady, but very friendly, very neighborly", said Kim Y.H., who visits the Dongbu Ichon-dong .munity board two to three times a week. The founders of billburg.. agreed that the Internet on today’s scale is overwhelming, adding that "the small-scale sites demonstrate how the Web is really a tool and that it’s greatest value should be recognized at a local level". For more information visit the website at linkslondonhut.. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: